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Because I know someone whose been to a recording of the show, all 2 and a half hours of it.


And as they got to edit it down to fit in 30 minutes some parts have to be cut out, including any parts which might get complaints & the lawyers working overtime


(Have I got news for you on average is around 3 hours per episode)


Yeah I've heard that it takes that long to film these things, madness. Just as an insight, why does it take so long? Is there a lot of rambling? People telling stories that aren't quite funny enough to make it in? Unless there's extra unseen rounds (Which I dont think there is) I can't see why it takes so long.


Oh wait, did you say a recording of the show generally or a recording of this particular episode? Before we go any further.


Isn't Ireland meant to be ashamed of them? Hardly a good advert for the country, are they?:dozey:


We don't really care, Irish people don't really have that mentality of caring about how we're seen as a nation, if people want to know they can come to us.


I think HIGNFY gets away with it on most occasions, because that show is far more about Ian and Paul. Some chairmen work better than others, of course.

Boris Johnson was hilarious when he did it, and so was Brucie.


I know what you mean, looking at an episode like Anne Widdecombe's and it's pure Ian and Paul taking the piss, and it's great. Clarkson was another example, Paul Merton: "Do you just pick a name of some place you hate and slot it in anywhere? Is that how it works?" perfect, sums up Clarkson completely.


Brian Blessed was amazing, but of course I couldn't watch him do it every week, too exhausting.


If you could pick anybody whom would you have a permi host?


Y'see that's where I come to the realisation that it's so hard to pick someone, so it's hard to fault the show itself because they probably realise that as well. Shows like HIGNFY and Buzzcocks have an audience of people who watch television very critically, and finding an appropriate presenter for them who can remain professional but not be static is a very hard thing to do.


What's Sean Hughes doing? I'd pick him.

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It's more cock-ups by the presenter not reading the auto-cue right, also rambling by the guests which might not make the cut as it's not that funny or contains something libellous, if you watch the Saturday night 45 minute version they sometimes leave some of the cock-ups in where it takes 3/4 attempts to read the script.


Recording of the show in general

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It's more cock-ups by the presenter not reading the auto-cue right, also rambling by the guests which might not make the cut as it's not that funny or contains something libellous, if you watch the Saturday night 45 minute version they sometimes leave some of the cock-ups in where it takes 3/4 attempts to read the script.


Recording of the show in general


OK fair enough, still hard to imagine.


But if you mean your friend went to a show then I don't know why you'd assume they made Jedward cry from a Sun article. They make the Daily Mail look like the Guardian.


I will pick Charlie Brooker for Buzzcocks, although he might be a bit too mean


He can't possibly be more mean then Mark Lamarr, but regardless, Brooker doesn't listen to music (Which as Mark said is also the problem for David Mitchell). Brooker or Mitchell would be my choice for HIGNFY, but for Buzzcocks, I'd like to see Sean Hughes back on it, but I think there was a personal problem he had which is why he left as guest captain. So I don't think that's a possibility.


For Buzzcocks I don't have a clue who could present it.

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X Factor reject Treyc fights back: 'I WAS better than Katie... and should have gone through'



By Andrea Magrath

Last updated at 5:00 PM on 8th November 2010



The outrage and controversy continue today after last night's surprising proceedings on the X Factor results show.

Fans of the ITV series have taken to internet forums and social networking sites in their thousands to vent their fury - or support - over Treyc Cohen's booting from the competition. Over 1400 comments have been posted so far today on the Mail Online's story on the show alone.

And now the person at the centre of the storm has spoken out - and she too believes, 'I should have gone through.'


article-1327760-0BF843B2000005DC-353_634x381.jpg Speaking out: X Factor reject Treyc Cohen said during an appearance on This Morning that based on their performances in the sing off, 'I should have gone through'



article-1327760-0BF842A8000005DC-136_634x286.jpg Not fair: The 26-year-old told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby it was unfair she went home, but doesn't blame mentor Cheryl for not casting a vote


After gracious appearances on the Xtra Factor and Daybreak in which she remained tight-lipped on how she felt about the scandal, the 26-year-old finally aired her opinion during an interview on This Morning.

Asked by host Phillip Schofield if she thought she performed better than Katie Waissel in the sing off last night, Treyc replied: 'Yeah, definitely.

'Everyone has been talking about Katie’s performance and how she sat down on the floor and I know I finished my song and put my all into it.

'So if it was based on that then yeah, I definitely feel like I should have gone through.'





Brave faces: Treyc was all smiles outside the ITV studios today, while embattled Katie grinned despite the scandal over her remaining in the competition as she arrived at rehearsals this morning


Pressed by Schofield on whether she thought her elimination was fair based on the sing off, she answered: 'Um, probably not looking at it that way.'

article-1327760-0BF60A1C000005DC-840_306x480.jpg Not to blame? Cheryl Cole looked weary as she left the X Factor studios with her pet poochlast night


But Miss Cohen stood by her mentor's decision to not cast a vote, saying 'When Cheryl said that she couldn’t pick I completely understand why she never.'





Philip made his own opinions on last night's episode clear, saying he 'firmly believes' it should have gone to a deadlock.

He asked the singer how she would feel if when the voting results are eventually made public at the end of the series, it turns out she did in fact beat Katie in the votes tally, Treyc insisted her elimination was meant to be.

'I’m not bitter at all,' she insisted. 'I’m a true believer of everything happens for a reason. Honestly, if I was meant to still be there I would be there.

'I am OK [about it], at the judged house I got the "no" and I thought that was it, then Cheryl came to my house with the wild card, so anything else was a bonus.

'I wanted to just get on that stage and sing, and I’ve been there for five weeks and proved to the nation that I can sing and that’s all I wanted to do. Anything else would’ve been a bonus for me.'

Miss Cohen said she didn't believe the judges had fallen for Katie's act, insisting, 'No… I don’t think they have. She makes good TV!'







One down: Cher Lloyd (left) and Rebecca Ferguson arrived at the studios this morning after losing the first girl from their category last night


She defended the 24-year-old's behaviour off-camera too, adding: She’s entertaining! She is entertaining and she’s a real drama queen but she’s got a heart of gold.'

Treyc also weighed in on Wagner, who received massive jeers from the audience when it was revealed he had made it through again.

'Wagner’s great. It’s an entertainment show, he entertains,' the Tamworth call centre worker said.

She added: 'Obviously when we hear his name come through on a Saturday night, we are like "Ooooooh" but I think he’s going to be there for a long time, I really do.'






Back to work: Matt Cardle and Aiden Grimshaw headed back to the studio after getting through to this week's round with flying colours



article-1327760-0BF7FAC3000005DC-237_634x535.jpg Jokers: One Direction arrived in colourful all-in-one suits. They hinted at their outfit choices before arriving. Liam tweeted: 'Every1 keep an eye out for what we r wearin tday xxxx'


Treyc insists she will be pursuing her singing career post-X Factor. She told Xtra Factor host Konnie Huq last night: 'I just hope and feel that this isn't the end for me.'

'I'd like to think somebody out there saw something in me and would love to offer me a fantastic record deal. I will so definitely continue singing. I feel like this is just the beginning.

'I have had a taste of something I have wanted for so long. This isn't going to be the end for me.





Bad weather: Wagner rugged up against the miserable weather, while an assistant protected what appeared to be the girls' dresses for Pride of Britain Awards from the rain




article-1327760-0BF52E9A000005DC-265_634x514.jpg Scandal: Last night's results show has been met with plenty of controversy


As well as next year's X Factor tour, Treyc will perform this weekend at G-A-Y nightclub in London along with 2005 winner Shayne Ward, who was a guest performer on last night's X Factor.

And she won't have long to miss her fellow finalists either, as they are scheduled to attend the Pride of Britain Awards tonight.

She tweeted her excitement today. She wrote: 'I'll be attending the pride of Britain awards tonight I can't wait. It's going to be an honour to be amongst true stars x'



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1327760/X-FACTOR-2010-Treyc-Cohen-fights-I-gone-through.html#ixzz14ihEZ7QP

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