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Sigur Rós


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I'm getting more and more exited for this.

I should really have been to their concert in the summer. DAMN you military.


If I had gone to that, and the national. I would have gone to 3 of my 5 favourite artists this year.

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news (fréttir) nav_leaf.gif festival on bbc radio 1


3 June 2008

on the colin murray radio show on bbc radio 1 tonight ‘festival’ (track five from ‘með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust‘) will be played in full. the show starts at 10pm uk time and it will be the second song played in the show. here is the link for the live bbc radio 1 stream.




Can someone record the song? :D

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completely can't wait to hear jonsi sing in english! it'll be a real first and just the thought whoa! totally don't know what to expect and with gobbledigook as it is, there is no way to predict their new stuff. i can't wait for the release :D

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somewhere Will's head just exploded :lol:

thanks for the link, i'm in 2 minds whether to hear it since i'll be buying the album soon and ahhh, this is the same with vlv right now :freak: i'll wait and listen to more gong in the meanwhile :wacko:


Hey, try do download this.


I think I´ve found the leak. :S


*Link Remove*


(No links outside Multimedia please)

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WOW! I just downloaded the album for a taste (Thanks Janhaw!!!) And randomly played "Vi spilum endalaust".......... incredible! So uplifting and I love the horns in the background. Beautiful! Can't wait to get a chance to hear the whole album.




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yeah same here. it's a little longer than their previous albums and well, i have resulted in remembering the english translation ("with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly") which is so beautiful, it makes me want to remember it in Icelandic, but i just can't lol

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i will very soon listen to it. can't wait.



You're going to love it!!!!!!!!!



It's so different but so familiar at the same time. I MUST MUST MUST see them live on this tour. Right now I'm regretting not going to Bonnaroo!

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