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Sigur Rós


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"New" Sigur Rós Song, Rokklagið has been recorded!


and is now "Hljomalind"


its on their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sigurros


RIP : http://www.mediafire.com/?6tbx0lowmzn (Dave hide the link please,because the hiding thing doesnt work for me anymore - must be something wrong with my pc and Ive no idea where to find the spoiler tags either,so cant use them)

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news (fréttir) nav_leaf.gif new album update


14 November 2007

in an interview in today’s fréttablaðið newspaper, orri revealed that sigur rós will begin recording brand new songs for their fifth lp next week. producer flood, best known for producing albums by bands such as the smashing pumpkins, u2, pj harvey and nick cave, will be joining the band in iceland to record the album. this time around the band will not be recording in their sundlaugin studio, but in a makeshift studio in a house in downtown reykjavík. the band has written the foundations for several songs already. orri told fréttablaðið: “we don’t know where we’re heading yet. at the moment we only have song ideas, which always end up changing once we begin recording them.”



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