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  1. ok, don't shoot me down too soon but does will remind anyone else A LITTLE of Colin Firth?? They have a similar mannerisms. :lol:
  2. I don't even know how to send e-cards :/ :lol:
  3. like that mc, no hiding! :lol: Which is why I use a photo of myself as my avatar ;)
  4. fudge

    CFU Blinkies?

    How cool are they?! Good job! :D
  5. Ok so, I'm bored! :rolleyes:
  6. I'm sensing some gay anthems from them :hair: . Or hardcore dance :lol:
  7. They're cute you two :D i have some Little Britain ones and some Babyshambles ones I nicked off the guy that sold the t shirts. :lol: No coldplay ones as of yet tho ;)
  8. fudge

    A message

    http://ent2.excite.co.jp/music/interview/2005/coldplay/index.html here ya go :D
  9. fudge

    A message

    I think there was a clip on that Japanese site. It was only about 40 seconds or something. Not exactly an answer to your question! :lol: will get the link...
  10. :lol: I prefer the human edition! :lol:
  11. I would agree to a certain extent. But when you think about it, it's only natural that the band has changed over time. Priorities change i.e. family, and of course the music is a progression from that. As they become more successful, the fan base grows so of course the small intimate gigs aren't enough to accommodate everyone. And as for letting success go to their heads. Why shouldn't they? Look at Oasis for god's sake. The latest album is the first in christ knows how long to even BEGIN to live up to the hype they create for themselves. Right! Off to work now! :lol: (and I am an Oas
  12. Don't give me evils! :lol: I like the 2nd one. Simple and cool. But I do like the yellow one too! :)
  13. hehe, this is fun! :lol:
  14. Wondered that myself! This is why I love Coldplay. They're not your simple boring crappy pop that we get so much of these days. There's so many different facets to the music. LOVE IT! :D I have to say tho that twisted logic is my least favourite song on the album :surprised: Sorry if anyone loves it! :lol:
  15. Those are lovely Steph :) That last one would being a tear to a glass eye! :lol:
  16. Good on ya Paul ;) What's with people HATING him? :lol: What's he done that makes you hate him? It's a strong word mind! (Gawd! Sound like my mother! :lol: )
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