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This is what happens to sites that can't cope

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:lol: :lol: ...that happend to me when I went to coldplaying.com...and couldn´t find any of Guy´s pics...just because somebody was so depressed!...cause there wasn´t more server space:dozey:

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sound familiar? get clicking on my ads :P


is it getting that bad Ian ??


I need to think up some ideas !


This can not happen Ian. I thinking up a few ideas on how we may be able to generate some more intrest in the site. Plus a few ideas to genertate cash :idea2:

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One Idea I have got for those who live in the UK. Is a meet up with a difference. I am certain people on here would love to meet each other. However I am also certain most of us are pretty poor if each member paid say £5 -£10 a month into a pot this could pay for a night out. The money thats in the pot can be half used to help maintin the site and pay for the unforgatable night.


Also as well does anyone work for a company out there that may belive users of this site may wants it products or services ???

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