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Death penalty? good or bad?


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It also depends on the case.. I most of the tme don't support the killing even if the person killed someone. We dont have death penalty here, but there was a guy who killed like 6 girls and they are looking for 4 ( If I'm not mistaken) , he's been in prison be4 for killing abother girl... that is one case when I agree with death penalty

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i agree with the death penalty in complete and totally proven circumstances - why should we spend 400,000 or whatever it takes to keep a criminal incarcerated for life, they should be put to death in accordance with whatever crime they have commited. :?

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Oh, I was soooo afraid that sooner or later things like that will be appearing. Not saying that one can't express their opinion on something, no offense, but I think it's really unappropriate here. Not going to vote (and that doesn't mean that I don't have my own opinion), but if I wanted to talk about it, I'd go and look for the appropriate place. Again, no offense. 240.gif

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