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Canada, eh?!


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Canadians aren't out of touch with the world at all. :stunned:


I think Canadians think we're misrepresented and unappreciated and such, but we're not. We're just a normal country doing normal things. We're not special, but we're not completely unknown and misunderstood as well.


I'm proud to be Canadian. I think we live in a great country, but I assure you Canadian Aphrodite, there are far more than 5 canadian coldplay fans. I think they're concert at the ACC would justify this.

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Canadians come out with some really terrible bands though. I mean, Nickelback? Simple Plan?? Not By Choice??


I mean, it's bands like these that make me hang my head down when Canadian music is mentioned.


But Nickelback is by far the worst. They're like, the worst of the worst..and that's really bad. :cool:

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I wasn't the biggest fan of Billy Talent when they came out. I mean, I'm not a big fan of theirs right now either, but I've heard a lot of good things about their live show. A friend of mine who doesn't like ANY rock music saw them play at his university. He loved them! He went out and bought their cd that same day.

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Arcade Fire

The Stills

The Constantines

The Weakerthans

Broken Social Scene

Valley of the Giants

Barenaked Ladies

Leonard Cohen

Blue Rodeo

Bruce Cockburn

Great Big Sea

Our Lady Peace

Matthew Good

Tragically Hip

Death From Above 1979

A Silver Mt Zion

David Usher


Joel Plaskett

The Trews


Hawskley Workman

Sam Roberts

Tegan and Sara

Treble Charger




etc etc etc...

yep. all crappy bands. :cool:

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