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Red Hot Chili Peppers ROCK


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well, i think the Red Hot Chili Peppers seriously rock (not more than Coldplay tho!) and i was jw how many people think they rock other than me. even if u dont, u can post a message here!! just for the sake of convo! ...the RHCP are a freakin great rock band (one of rock's most famous) from California. You've prolly heard some of their hit songs such as Otherside, Californication, By The Way, Fortune Faded...


[glow=blue:4f212f797f]so, y (do you/do you not) like them???[/glow:4f212f797f]

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i dont like them - a couple of songs are great, californication and otherside - but on the whole, especially in the new stuff, lyriclly they let themselves down and their musical style is getting boring now too to be honest

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