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A lil message from us Canadians


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hahahaha i saw this thing once...they went to americans and told them to say stuff like "congrats Canada, for legalizing daily newspapers!" and they actually believed Canadians didnt have newspapers!!! lmao it was on cbc, "rick mercer's report" or something...lmao its so freakin funny!!!!


That special is called "Talking to Americans". I made a thread about it a loooong time ago. If you fish around, you might find it.


But anyhoo, yes, that's always funny.

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yeah, sucks when ppl dont understand ur country, eh...like...c'mon!!! we arent stupid, drunk, hockey playing beavers or something! ...tho most of us do play hockey (yes i do!!! damn proud too!)


I wouldnt know the first thing about Hockey. I think Australia has a team called the Hockeyroos or something lame like that. :lol: We're all about Footy here.

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