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songs that you'll never forget

Angel at his table

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The Frames - Seven Day Mile; Fake; Finally

Coldplay - In My Place; Yellow; Spies; The Scientist

Snow Patrol - Run, Chocolate

Manowar - Master Of The Wind(I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!)

Enya - Memory Of Trees; Book Of Days

Travis - Side; Sing; Why Does It Always Rain On Me

Roxette - Vulnerable


...and others.....some of them are in my head every day :D

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absolutely tonnes, not so much from the last few years though (I'm going to limit most bands to 3)


Coldplay - Amsterdam, Clocks, Shiver


U2 - Running To Stand Still, A Sort Of Homecoming, One, Bad, Where The Streets Have No Name (I could go on but I'll stop at 5)


Manic Street Preachers - No Surface All Feeling, The Masses Against The Classes, Design For Life


Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven, Heartbreaker, Over The Hills And Far Away


Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here


Simple Minds - See The Lights


Dire Straights - Telegraph Road


Train - Drops Of Jupiter


Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger, The Masterplan, Morning Glory


Catatonia - Don't Need The Sunshine


I'll stop there

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new order: temptation, blue monday

radiohead: kid a, knives out, subteranean homesick alien, where i end and you begin

joy division: love will tear us apart, shes lost control, disorder, day of the lords, decades

interpol: a time to be small

the cure: 100 years, faith, holy hour, homesick, untitled, last dance, high, out of this world, loudest sound, the last day of summer,

yo la tengo: shadows

david bowie: space oddity, china girl, (i have yet to hear more from hime though)

brian eno: an acsent, the remainer of the apollo album

pulp: miles end, this is hardcore

modest mouse: interstate 8, broke

explosions in the sky: the moon is down

beck: where its at, loser

the strokes: hard 2 explain

aphex twin: Ageispolis

boards of canada: both of their albums


if only i would remember the others, if only i would

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oasis: wonderwall

bon jovie: living on a prayer

train: drops of jupiter

guns n roses: sweet child of mine, paradise city


bunch of coldplay songs for sure

bunch of green day songs for sure, moslty off dookie probably

bunch of our lady peace songs for sure also


and a lot more that i can't think of right now!

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Helium Vola - Je Chante par Couverture

Coldplay - Clocks, Politik, Trouble, Brothers & Sisters

Jimi Hendrix - All Along Teh Watchtower

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven, Rock n' Roll

Radiohead - Paranoid Android, 2+2=5

Dispatch - The General

The Airfield Conductors - Politik (Because it sucked SERIOUS ass), Clocks (Again, because it sucked)

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I could write in this thread for hours.


I could also be annoying and muse over what exactly makes a song "memorable," and whether or not that's something different from a song that's just really really good. Bob Dylan's "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" has some of the best lyrics ever written, but the melody itself isn't particularly memorable.


Crap, I'll stop.


Off the top of my head, these are a few of many many many many songs that I can't ever see myself not liking:


Gershwin - "Rhapsody in Blue" (hands down, best piece of music ever written, if you ask me)

pretty much anything by the Beatles

ditto for the Beach Boys from about 1964-1971

Bob Dylan - "Like a Rolling Stone"

The B-52's - "Rock Lobster"

most 80's U2 stuff

Zero 7 - "Destiny"

Sigur Ros - "Vaka" ("Untitled 1" for you picky SOB's)

anything Bjork has ever done

the last four Flaming Lips records



I guess because of the way the title thread was phrased, mine is pretty much a list of what I consider to be the more "catchy" things I listen to. So there's a whole other world of music that I love that's not represented on that list (Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, Philip Glass, Godspeed You Black Emperor, on and on and on). I'll shut up now because nobody really cares.

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radiohead - paranoid android, kid A, myxomatosis (just cause of the name :P ) ,creep go to sleep, the tourist, talk show host, and a lot more


muse - citizen erased, muscle museme, falling down, fillip, hyper music, hate this and i'll love you, stock hilm syndrome


Green Day - letterbomb, Homecoming, Longveiw, Scattered, F.O.D, Macy's day parade, good ridance


Keane - Bedshaped, Untitled 1, everybodys changing


Snow Patrol - Run, Spitting games, Tiny lttle fractures


and there are a lot more, but i'll just have to edit this later :P

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Yes this is a thread also I could go on forever... and ever.


Queen Bohieman Rhapsody, Its a kind of Magic.

Coldplay Yellow, Trouble

Embrace - Gravity

Stone Roses ---- Sally Cinomon, Daybreak, Fools gold, This is the one, Good times, and Tighrope.

Muse - Time is Running out, Bliss, and New Born

Radiohead - Karma Police, The Bends

Ian Brown- Distiny of Circumstance, Northern Lights, F.E.A.R. and that Spanish tune.

Franz Fernidand - Take Me out, Micheal

Joy Division - Love will tear us apart. and she is out of control

Happy Mondays. Gramdands Furenal

Snow Patrol - Run


Loads more but I cant think of any

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Radiohead - Paranoid Android, There There, Everything In Its Right Place, Gagging Order, Idioteque, Pyramid Song, Street Spirit


Jeff Buckley - What Will You Say?, Lover You Should've Come Over, Hallelujah, Forget Her


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Awake, Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll?


The Beatles - It's All Too Much, A Day In The Life, Tomorrow Never Knows


Oasis - Champagne Supernova, Fade In-Out, The Masterplan


Coldplay - Everything's Not Lost, The Scientist


Doves - There Goes The Fear



I really could go on forever

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........................................ AND SO MUCH MORE......................

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I have a lot. These are songs that we'll love forever, right? Not like songs that will be played and remembered? Crapola. Oh well.


Here are the songs that I will always love.



Oasis--Chapagne Supernova

Coldplay--The Scientist


Snow Patrol--Run

Enya--Only Time

Ani DiFranco--32 Flavors

Ani DiFranco--Untouchable Face

Our Lady Peace--Not Enough

Zed Zepplin--Stairway to Heaven

Scissor Sisters--Laura

Dido--White Flag

Dido--Thank You


That's all I can think of at the moment.

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mm too many.. even songs i don't used to listen a lot, i usually have good songs memories mean i use to listen first 5 seconds of a song and say "hey that's (name of the song)" or "that's from (band)" :stunned:


i usually sing songs when i go from home to school or the other way round....


specially from... snow patrol (run, chocolate), mike oldfield (gimme back...), second (sometimes), coldplay, the police, led zeppelin and spanish bands: triana, maná, santana..



but sometimes i remember songs that my mum or dad listen even if they don't listen them usually. :D

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all of the coldplay songs.i will never forget:

coldplay-scientist,i ran away,see you soon,rush of blood to the head

oasis-wonderwall,live forever,cigaretttes índ alcohol

travis-sing,why does it always rain on me,driftwood

black sabbath-black sabbath,children of the grave

deep purple-child in time

and many many what are not coming into my mind right now. :P

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