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do you ever get made fun of for liking coldplay?

Matter-Eater Lad

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any indie rock board for that matter. buncha guys who probably liked coldplay before they "soldout" and got commercial. only radiohead can be successful and still make good music for some of these guys
Radiohead are the most hated group in the world by the Indies.
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People, that's strange. there are millions of Coldplay fans all around the world! And you all are telling me you don't know anyone except yourself who likes them???

I have the same situation. I love them since 2004...at that time really NOBODY KNEW them round here...but now my mates are a bit older and more thoughtful if you know what I mean. So I know some people who listen a bit to Coldplay...and mostly they got that from me...A mate who insulted them badly one year ago suddenly likes them very much :D And the paper I've read about them in class made the situation much better :D

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yep every once in a while, but one of my best friends is a fan too so it's cool. another one of my really good friends sister didn't so much make fun of it, but badgered me to stop the cd because "this music is so depressing, how can you listen to it". her taste in music is kinda crap though IMO, so what she said didn't bother me. Celine Dion is not good music and should not be played over and over again in an unending loop!

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I've been made fun of for liking Coldplay, but by people who like all those crazy screamo bands or people who like just straight up rap and nothing else, both of which I HATE. Same people who made fun of me for liking Radiohead... when some of my friends came over I popped in their cd and everybody was like :huh: :o :huh: hahahaha. I think it's just opposite music tastes. Or just that everybody my age likes crappy music...


BUT I do know alot of people who like Coldplay though :) Maybe not as much as me...but they do like them.

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my bro sorta teases me even tho he likes them alot too. he believes i have a special preffered genre which he calls "wimpy rock". i love that phrase... :P he has special names for some of the musicians i like, like for coldplay he calls em coldies and now we both do. his girlfriend also likes that sorta stuff so we only refer to some bands by the nicknames we gave em like coldplay as coldies... :lol: and he puts on a babyish voice whenever he hears the music or just outta nowhere... wooh waah

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