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My Chemical Romance

Lolly Pop

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Yeah I lke tehm, I'll probably get there album next time i'm out and I have money


But the question still remains Jak....do you think he looks hot? :idea2: :lol: :lol:

There are better looking guys than him, But I guess he's alright

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i like my chemical romance! a lot :P

my brother's met them...he was at the taste of chaos tour and he was taking pictures and his batteries ran out. he went backstage looking for batteries, and her ran into gerard and he gave my brother some batteries :lol: he got a special photo pass thing.


he has this one really good in action concert picture of him. he blew it up and gave it to gerard.


oh, and that whole gay thing, all i know is that he kisses some boys..i'll see if i can find a picture :lol:

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