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My Chemical Romance

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YAY someone made this thread. I was going to make one but I had a feeling they wouldn't really be liked here. I only joined this board because I'm seeing Coldplay live and I wanted to share my experience. I feel kinda out of place here. xD


They are my favourite band. My favouite songs by them are:


The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

Cemetery Drive

Kill All Your Friends

I'm Not Okay

My Way Home Is Through You



And more... but yeah. I think they're awesome.


I mean yeah, they have a dark image but they said they find the better things in life through the darker things. If you take time to listen to their lyrics they really are quite positive. They've helped me through a lot. I don't know where I'd be without them, really. Sounds weird but it's true. They mean so much to me it's kind of sad. :p


*runs of to MCR board*

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the MCR thread


hey all you pplz, VivaLaColdplay09 here and you may or may not kno ive recently made a GD thread. now lets not be rude and make a My Chemical Romance thread! hopefully you love them 'cause i do :D ! now my fav cd is Welcome To The Black Parade! if you like them post or comment on what your fav song or album is! :)

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I was waiting for Brigs answer on this thread :laugh2:


again... there are already another 3 threads about this band:


thread 1 <-- the oldest and longest one.

thread 2 <--- second one, created in 2007

thread 3 <--- third one, from 2008


please VivaLaColdPlay09, do use the search option before open a music thread that may be already exist if not it'll get confusing.



and btw my fave one is the one where the singer burns accidentally, i like the song.

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