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My Chemical Romance

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Well I saw a vid of them and the lead singer had the whole Glasgow-smile thing going for him and was also talking like Heath Ledger.


I don't really like MCR very much -- imo they just moan on about pain/rejection/etc that all people go through. Whatever, though. your taste is your taste.

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How great a MCR thread here :happy:


I really enjoy listening to their new album: it is different in a good way from their other material! If your curious, just check it out ;) At the moment, my favourites are: "Planetary (GO!)", "Party Poison", "Vampire Money", "Na Na Na", "Sing", "DESTROYA" (the live version is just so awesome, more powerful!).

I saw them live for their European tour before the album was released and they were just so great: Gerard was talkative and his singing voice is better than before, Mickey moved more than before, Frank and Ray were full of energy too! I just missed hearing some songs and I found the concert a bit short but I was just so happy to see them live for the first time! I really hope they're coming back in France next year!

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