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Going to my first major party tonight!

Matter-Eater Lad

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What kinda party do you be going to sailor? :wink3:


a bunch of the really preppy kids are throwing a party for some dude, and one of the guys friends invited me to come. so he's gonna pick me up at my house at 11 pm, but im gonna tell my very nosey parents that im going to my good friends house instead. as long as my brother doesnt find out i dont think ill get caught(he's really popular and knows alot of the kids, and told me if he catch's me at a party he's gonna tell on me.)

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You will DEFINATELY get caught.


Because its your first step on the PARTY SCENE, every kid there who hardly even know your brother, the first thing they will say to him when they see him is "I saw your lil bro Friday night huhuhuhu"

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lol ya most likely, since most people see me and the "good" kid, and they know my brother is straight edge(anti drugs) so if you guys dont see me on here in a while, it means im grounded for the next few months. my main concern is how im gonna get home, my friends whos driving is known for getting drunk alot at parties.

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