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Going to my first major party tonight!

Matter-Eater Lad

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wishin u a great party ;)

and guys wt is wrong with u :huh: do u listen to wt u are sayin....i mean "do anythin u will regret later!!!" comeon he can have fun without doin anythin stupid (except if he gets drunk and then only god knows wt he will do :P)

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pfttttttt. why did you not get a taxiiiiii :idea2:


I didnt know where the party was, oh well im gonna wait til after may 13 to go to a party now. becuase theres a concert then and i have to be really good so i dont get grounded before then.


Well, perhaps this party wasn't meant to be.

Something tells me the next one will be greattt :smug:

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