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Coldplay X&Y Out today?


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For those of us who cant hear much difference in versions' date='can some please upload them onto Rapidshare or something,im trying to d/l on a dial up connection and its driving me insane!.[/quote']

well, there is a link available on the site...


anyways, i give up on this release. it's been shitty the last 2 days. im tired and my neck hurts. sorry.

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For those of us who cant hear much difference in versions' date='can some please upload them onto Rapidshare or something,im trying to d/l on a dial up connection and its driving me insane!.[/quote']

well, there is a link available on the site...


anyways, i give up on this release. it's been shitty the last 2 days. im tired and my neck hurts. sorry.


Don't apologise. You tried your best! :)

This one was always going to be tricky, let's face it!

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Re: X&Y Leaked thru a Belgian radio


For those who came until here,


Check those 6 tracks available in a friend's website:








Has anyone else tried this link? I checked one song and it sounded good, just wondering why no one else is downloading from here, all the songs are up now too, not just 6. Or are these the low quality ones that everyone already has?

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AIM IM iwantcoldplayxy

for coldplay-x_and_y-(japanese_retail)-2005-bolo


the release has no skips or pops and has the bonus 14th track hidden in the 13th track!!!


Team BoLo is Proud To Present



Release Information:




Title..........X And Y



Label..........EMI / Parlophone

Rip Date.......05-31-2005


Encoder........Lame 3.90.3

BitRate........VBR ~248Kbps Average

Sample Rate....44.1Khz

Mode...........--alt-preset extreme






Num Track Name Time


01. Square One 04:48

02. What If 04:57

03. White Shadows 05:28

04. Fix You 04:55

05. Talk 05:11

06. X&Y 04:34

07. Speed Of Sound 04:48

08. A Message 04:45

09. Low 05:32

10. The Hardest Part 04:25

11. Swallowed In The Sea 03:59

12. Twisted Logic 04:31

13. Til Kingdom Come 08:44



Addional Info:



Retail as expected with no pops or cracks.


Team BoLo nothing less ;]



This album cannot fail. That is a bald statement of fact. If

æX&YÆ does not break eight figures, then EMIû BritainÆs last

free-standing major record label ûwill fall into inexorable

decline, the World Bank will foreclose on the British

government and massive tracts of Norfolk and Cornwall will

crumble into the sea. ItÆs a remarkable thing, but with an

artist as fantastically self-critical and flaky as Chris

Martin, his label still decided it was a good idea to issue

a profit warning to the stock-market because his bandÆs new

album was a few weeks late.


The label quickly denied it, of course, and insisted it was

also down to other parts of their business needing to

perform û ColdplayÆs tardiness was just a minor part in the

blip. But thatÆs codswallop. You do the sums û æA Rush Of

Blood To The HeadÆ sold 11 million copies. When Coldplay

were late with this one, the label got the shits and fired a

shot across the bows.


How Chris Martin must have loved that. So it is that this

has become the most anticipated third album since OasisÆ æBe

Here NowÆ. ItÆs now the main talking point of the record

industry, of the stock market and, somewhere down the line,

of fans.


And because of the interest, the label have thrown together

a containment and secrecy operation that makes the Opus Dei

look like a transparent, all-embracing force for

enlightenment (let them sue û I have a good priest).

To get this CD to NME, the label employed a special envoy

who flew with a sealed parcel to Belfast where it was slowly

slipped over the table in a city centre hotel. The name

Coldplay appeared nowhere û it was marked simply æThe Fir

Trees albumÆ and even the track titles were adjusted. NME

had to sign to a letter promising not to let anyone look at

the record pre-release, never mind hear it, on pain of a

slow, medieval death.


All this meant one of two things. Either the label felt they

had one of the all-time great albums on their hands and

would do anything to stop it leaking early onto the web. Or

they had been sold a pup and were undertaking a brilliant

marketing manoeuvre to make everyone think it was one of the

all-time great albums.


Since æA Rush Of Blood To The HeadÆ, there have been very

obvious changes to ColdplayÆs life. ThereÆs the Hollywood

star wife, the baby, Chris Martin emerging as a surprisingly

effective anti-paparazzi punch-thrower. But equally as

telling are the similarities between life around the

recording of that one and of æX&YÆ. Again, exhausted after a

relentless, punishing tour, Coldplay had to sit down and

decide if they still wanted to be a band. Having sold more

than anyone ever dreamed, broken bigger in America than

thought possible for a British band, they decided to retreat

and come up with something even more mighty than before û to

reinvent the wheel, as Chris Martin must now regret saying.


Have they succeeded? Well, there are no tracks on æX&YÆ as

immediate as æThe ScientistÆ or æIn My PlaceÆ or æYellowÆ.

It takes time to seep in and get to you. But then û and its

easy to forget û æA Rush Of BloodàÆwasnÆt immediate either.

Those songs might feel like part of the fabric now and that

record might have opened with the slam-dunk of æPolitikÆ but

it was an album that took a lot of listens.


Here, æSquare OneÆ picks up where æPolitikÆ left off. ItÆs

Coldplay doing Radiohead, hoking round the studio for new

sounds and shapes. It starts quietly before Chris chimes in

with that broken glass voice, now as identifiable as any in

music, and Johnny Buckland works through The EdgeÆs

collection of effects pedals. ItÆs about cracking puzzles

and codes, solving riddles û a recurring Coldplay obsession.

ItÆs about this record û once you get it, it makes perfect

sense - and its about Chris Martin.


Lucky for Coldplay and for us he remains riddled with

self-doubt. He also remains absolutely intangible. The more

he says and the more that is revealed about him, the less

sense he makes. There were stories about Martin putting in

18-hourdays to get this record right. There were stories at

the same time about problems at home and much of this album

could easily by read as an open letter to his wife. æWhat

IfÆ, with its cry of æWhat if you donÆt want me there by

your side/What if you donÆt want me there in the lightÆ is,

on the face of it, a simple message to Gwyneth Paltrow. The

gentle, pulsing big ballad backing does little to change the

idea. But thatÆs too obvious and too trite for Martin. ItÆs

no leap to see it as a message to fans. Martin, ever the

pessimist, is unsure if he has pushed things too far, if

Coldplay have been front and centre too long and if he might

lose the muse and never write another word or note of worth.


This nagging doubt is at the core of æX&YÆ. ItÆs a record

about how we end up with the perfect one and the fear of

keeping that intangible light burning. ItÆs also about a

bunch of middle class boys lucking out, creating alchemy and

becoming the biggest band of their generation while still

scared shitless theyÆll end up working in a call centre.

ItÆs a brilliant record of paranoia. Oasis third album was

an overblown opus to the excesses of cocaine and the

good-life. RadioheadÆs was a claustrophobic, intense look at

the end of the world. Coldplay Æs is about love and fear.

When æFix YouÆ kicks in, which NME will concede must be

about Paltrow (æTears stream down your face/When you lose

something you canÆt replaceà and I will fix youÆ), itÆs an

old-fashioned hair on the neck moment. ItÆs a wonderful song

that shifts from simple stark piano and voice to a ringing,

clattering burst of intent and proto-prog four-part harmony.

It will become a massive live track. Elsewhere, you donÆt

have to dig too deep to find the influences Coldplay have

mined. ThereÆs the Kraftwerk lift (from æComputer LoveÆ) on

æTalkÆ, a nod to PrinceÆs æWhen Doves CryÆ on æWhite

ShadowsÆ, some Lennon-driven Beatles rocking through on æA

MessageÆ and Echo & The Bunnymen here and there. They even

sneak in æTil Kingdom ComeÆ, the song they wrote for Johnny

Cash that he never got to record, as a simple acoustic

secret track.


But it is U2, now ColdplayÆs natural peers, who loom largest

of all. Their shadow falls on every note, in the complete

confidence the band have playing togetherû and Buckland is

not backward about emulating The Edge on half a dozen

tracks. Confident, bold, ambitious, bunged with singles and

impossible to contain, æX&YÆ doesnÆt reinvent the wheel but

it does reinforce Coldplay as the band of their time. The MD

of Parlophone and his shareholders can sleep easy. This is a

great, great record that has just raised the bar for

everyone. ThatÆs probably of little consequence for Chris

Martin. The worries for our great self-doubting hero about

how to better it start now.


Paul McNamee



Group News:



Be On The Lookout For more quality releases from Team BoLo...

We are a small group of people dedicated to bringing you the music

you want to listen to, in the highest possible quality.

Remember, We do this for fun, and we own the original cd's.

So if you liked this release, please go and buy the cd.


Support the Artists !!!



You can contact us at : [email protected]

If ya think ya got something we might find useful, feel free to write

In all other cases, please don't bother us.


⌐ Team BoLo 2005 ⌐




Enjoy! :)

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