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Coldplay X&Y Out today?


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* Are you sure you have the correct user/password?

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omg you're right it did!!

:( this sucks man

damn million ppl refreshing the page waaaah

any way you could post the torrent here instead james once youre done d/ling it???


how can he post a torrent of a file he doesnt even have completed yet?


ah well, its gonna be a few hours now :(

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You could have your friend send it to your personal PC, via instant messenger or ICQ. Then upload it to rapidshare. That won't solve the problem, but at least a few people will be able to get it, maybe one of them will set up a torrent.

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yea, im gonna wait a while before refreshing now

it was working for about 5 seconds then i got the same message as you szuchy

im willing to stay up tho lol, esp. if were getting a torrent, thats fine w/me


lol i love the rush that comes w/leaked albums

its like getting a huge bag of candy for free in a candy shop when you're 5 or something, lolll

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