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ah yeah, i have a recording of that...i was going to pm ian, to see if he wanted to host it.

I really like the song...i'll bet money on it doing really well. I wish i heard coldplay record it full band. I don't think it's good though, coz people needed a break from coldplay, coz they were everywhere...and now Embrace are kind of appearing FOR them.. :rolleyes:

still like it though

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I really like it!


All the Embrace fans are slagging it off saying it's a 'Coldplay reject song' (which I guess is technically right). I think Coldplay may have done a better full-band version (but I'm biased).


Embrace do it justice though :D

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yeah, i think they do do it justice....i'm a bit biased too. I think it's better than anything embrace have ever done (although, i don't mind Some of their stuff....and bought an album)...but the fans probably secretly like it....just too foolish. they must be foolish anyway....they're Embrace fans :sneaky: :P

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