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The Official Lets Throw X&Y on the Fire Thread


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as much as i like reilly (when he isn't slagging off coldplay :P ), why do you people bother joining a board to slag something off? you thrive off bitterness and ranting or something? (and this isn't to reilly btw cos we've done this convo already) why not just go join a board of a band you like? or maybe you already did that

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Lets make with the keepin this thread alive kids

Some little girl with red hair told me she's gonna spam your thread with coldplay lyrics for making this thread ( not really but she probably will anyways haha) :stunned: :P


She can be evil, i can tell :mellow:

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It's like you guys have never heard the word "cheesy."


X&Y is not that bad, and lots of people might like it, but it's really far from being "great art" in the sense that anyone but a hardcore Coldplay fan would define it. It would also be quite pushing it to call Coldplay's other albums great art. That's now what Coldplay tries to be about. At least before, they WERE great pop music. Now they sound like Sting. Very occasionally something is catchy or moving, but it's all so slick and soulless it's not worth the trouble. Also, Sting is obviously more intelligent than Chris Martin, though this probably hurts his incredibly pretentious music in the end. The Pitchfork comparison was apt: Chris Martin's about like Dido-- the female Sting, minus any attempt at using big words.

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