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sorry, before I was talking about brothers & sisters. It's tough find tabs for green eyes but this one from http://www.thecoldplaytribute.com/index.cfm?CFID=63002774&CFTOKEN=78036563 could serve as a good guide. I deleted all the rythm parts. I'm not pretending it's accurate, but if you listen to the recording you can get use this to get a feel for the notes that jonny plays.


Lead: Standard Tuning: Arpeggiates the top 3 Strings


Bm7/11 Dsus2 Asus4 A E/G# G










Lead: Bm add11, Bm add11, Dsus, Dsus

Asus, A, E/G#, E/G# (x2)


The green eyes,

You're the one that I wanted to find.

And anybody who tried to deny you,

Must be out of their minds.


Lead: Bm add11,Bm add11, Dsus, Dsus

A, G6, Dsus,Dsus (x2)


Cause I came here with a load,

And it feels so much lighter since I met you.

Honey you should know,

That I could never go on without you.


Lead: Bmadd11


Green Eyes

Green Eyes




Honey you are the rock upon which I stand.


© Coldplayers Tribute Band 2007-2008

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thanks a lot, well I was referring to brothers and sisters on my last pot but thanks a lot for the green eyes tab!!

BTW: Excuse my musical ignorance but arpeggio is that when you do this for example:

you have d chord and instead of playing the chords simultaneously you do this:








thanks again

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exactly, playing the individual notes of a chord. You could play it that way, or low to high, or some different pattern.


BTW I assumed your last post was about green eyes because you said you'd seen live performances of the song, or have you just seen covers? Because it would be a dream come true for me to find footage of coldplay playing brothers & Sisters.

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sorry I got confused what I saw was brothers and sisters or bigger stronger? I think both, somewhere, in my crazy coldplay youtube searching days

I still want the tab anyway :D

Edit: Sorry to dissapoint you but no there's no live performance of brothers and sisters record, it seems that it's just as rare as we never change, just that there is some audio on never change

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lol. okay. that makes more sense. There used to be only one live vid of bigger stronger from bizarre festival, but a week ago someone posted a cool rendition from the parachutes release party. Anyway, that's a slighty easier tab that I can manage, but since I'm a crap tabber, it may be in bits and pieces so hang on.



Here's the chorus, it's obviously tremolo picked throughout...






After the first chorus, also trem (check song for timing):





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^ interesting. they played it in a lower key, G, I think, instead of A. Jonny's Riff is played two notes lower, and Chris plays the same chords as the book, only without a capo.


I'm pretty sure the tuning is standard.


The chords for this version are G, G/F#, Bm, D, G, Em, Bm, D. The chorus is C, G, D.

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uh? excuse me? :(

I thought 2 frets were one tone, but by half step do you mean what?


2 frets=1 step =/= tone


step: interval between two consecutive scale degrees


tone is a whole different thing...



ricardo, espero que entiendas español, dado que eres de mejico...


la diferencia de notas entre 1 traste (o fret) y otro es siempre de 1/2 paso (o step).


Te daré un ejemplo, siendo lo mas claro posible pues no se cuanto sabes de musica y de la guitarra. Vamnos a dar por sentado que tenemos la guitarra con la afinación estandar EADGBe (Mi La Re Sol Si Mi).



la 3era cuerda tocada al aire (sin ningun dedo sobre el mastil), equivale a la nota Sol (G). Si presionas sobre el primer traste de esa cuerda y la tocas, la nota será un sol sostenido (G# o G sharp).


Como ves, ha subido solamente medio paso o step.


Espero que te haya servido. ;)

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