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The Hardest Part - still no live version?


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  • 5 months later...

Hardest Part seems to one of those tracks you even love or hate (REALLY hate in the case of some of the above replies)! Each to his/her own.


Someone already posted a live version of it, but it was lousy (can't remember the exact gig). Would be really interested in hearing any of the other performances, though. Cheers.

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I love The Hardest Part - one of my f avorites on X&Y One reason is Chris's piano playing. I seem to like all songs where his playing is more evident. Yellow, What If, Fix You, X&Y, and so many more. I actually like all of the albums. :rolleyes:

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Oh yeah' date=' Chris!!!! By the way, The Hardest Part on X&Y is piano based. Where is the song "Whisper", on which album. I don't think I've heard it. :wink3:[/quote']


"A Whisper" is off A Rush of Blood To The Head... Not one of their most brilliant tracks ever, in my opinion.

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I was there the first time they played "the hardest part" in Montreal' date=' GREAT song live.[/quote']


They played it in Cincinatti as well 9/8/05


1. Square One

2. Politik

3. Yellow

4. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

5. Speed of Sound

6. Low

7. The Hardest Part

8. Everything's Not Lost

9. White Shadows

10. The Scientist

11. Kingdom Come

12. Don't Panic

13. Clocks

14. Talk

15. Swallowed in the Sea

16. In My Place

17. Fix You


There's an FM recording floating around...

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