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Existence of Aliens


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Ariadana... Don't be so rude with Mr. Squared.


Thanks - there's a big difference between being RUDE and having a bit of fun with somebody. This is what I was explaining to Reilly. We've sorted that out now

and I don't think it's a good idea to start opening all this up again.


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universe is unlimited....

everything could happen....

we are not alone.maybe someday you'll find one in your room,haha.

i've heard that the U.S. Army had hold some aliens....is it true?anybody come from US?tell me something about it,plz?many thanks.i'm curious.

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wow what a coincidence. when my dad n me were driving home from work yesterday, on the radio they were discussing whether aliens exist and whatnot. how curious. *puts on x-files music... do do do do do do do do*

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