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Hey guys, Im not sure if this has been done before, but here goes. Post something you've made. Whether it be ceramics, photographs, paintings, sketches, stick figures, etc. ;) Ill start off with a couple of light studies and finish with some close-up shots.


Light Study 1

Light Study 2


And here are some close-up shots photographs:


Close-Up 1

Close-Up 2


Now its your turn!



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I will post 1 or 2 photos tomorrow... I am 16 and very much into photography, yet all I have to shoot with is an old Nikon from about 30 years ago +. It's my dad's. I have all these phohts I want to do but just don't have the equipment to do it on... oh well... one day hopefully. I am really into open shutter shots and enjoy your first one... hope to get my stuff on here tomorrow as it is late here in Hawaii...

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Thanks guys!



I absolutely adore the Jim Beam photograph/collage!


Does anyone ever get the feeling you should be starting a new project? I want to try something extremely experimental and abstract, I just dont know where to start. I think its because I just got back from the abstract art show. I feel like I should be creative. :lol:

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I'm into drawing portraits with charcoal pencils. I've only done 2 drawings that I'm really proud of (plus I take FOREVER to finish the damn things :lol:):



John Lennon and Ringo Starr. I entered this in a contest at something called "Beatle Fest" and didn't even place. I lost to a 4 year old finger painting of a Yellow Submarine, a 8 year old crayon sketch of George and something by a 12 year old. It was very, very embaressing. Ugh.



The John in the right hand corner that got cut off. I did Ringo in the left hand one, but I don't think he came out as well. Ringo is a bitch to draw!


And, my personal favorite and quite a joy to spend hours laboring over:


Chris. The writing on it is purposeful, it's taken from a picture in Q (I believe?) magazine.


They're not that good but I'm proud of them. Would love to hear some feedback.

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Thank you very much! :-)


These drawings are pretty cool, I wish, I could draw like you - I'm sooo bad in drawing, thanks god you don't have to draw photographs ;-)


@SeeCup41: Thank you very much, I printed the collage and its now hanging in my room - it's pretty decorative :-)

And yeah, I wanna start some photo-arts too, we have a pretty old part with medieval architecture in my hometown, but the sun isn't really shining so you can't make good photographs.

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Thanks!! I never take compliments well, usually I think most of what I do is complete crap, but it means a lot to me! :kiss:


Oh man, I've never been a great painter. I used to do a lot of art work when I was younger and then I stopped, until recently. The John/Ringo drawing was actually the first time I ever tried to draw a person.

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an_cat i really like that picture of martin with the projected words great use of light and shade. i can feel the projector light and words curve with his body.


Thank you! I took it from a picture from Q magazine and they had those words on him, but at first I wasn't going to even put them on there. After words, when I finished doing his entire face without the words I realised that it looked empty and the appeal of that picture was the projected writing on his face. It was almost devestating writing all over it! But I got this good idea to lightly write the word, then go over it with this blending stick thingy (LMFAO I have no idea what it's called!) over the words.


Turned out nicely, much better than I'd thought it would. I liked how it almost came out 3-D. If anyone ever wants to do a sketch of someone, it's definately worth getting a blending thing (they're like little pieces of rolled up paper that just smooths out the charcoal/pencil lines).


*writes too much* :P :lol:

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SeeCup41, great photographs! I'm into photography as well, but I don't have a good camera, and that's always a very important factor!!


RJ, I think I've told you before on another thread, but I love your drawings! Very cute and detailed, I love them!! :thumbsup: :happy2:

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Ah yeah! They're erasers that will mold to, say, very small points if you want to erase a veeeery tiny spot that's in the wrong place. They're my life savers! How many time I had to erase John's pupils up there.... Oh, memories.


I'm so lame when it comes to knowing names of tools I use. I just buy them because they look interesting, then I try them out. Speaking of which, I think I need a new blendy thing... I have no idea where the hell mine went! :cry: :lol:

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ok next post might be showing huge pics but sori don't have URL and don't know how to use it so i'll just post pics the way i know how.


ok i drew pics coming up after reading Tailchasers Song not the best work of Literature but i really got into that book it was so real it was one of the first books including horror books etc to scare me shitless! :o

they had these demon cats that looked like shadow and came out of the ground.


strange sounding but true. so yeh i got into cats, i re-read the book years later the effect just wasn't the same :(



sori bout huge pics

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