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New law in Florida?

Gitta Rensolo

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I haven't heard of this and I live in Florida. Sounds like a bad idea to me :/


Perhaps you could do some further research??


Anyway, that means that in future, someone "shooting their mouth off" in the street could end up having their mouth shot off literally! :rolleyes:

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I live in Fla and I heard this yesterday I think.


It's supposed to be something about, if someone starts arguing/fighting with you and you feel threatened, you have the right to shoot to kill :stunned:. Hella stupid law.. tons of people are protesting it.


Only reassuring thing is that not every one has a gun and you need special licenses and things. It has to be a licensed gun, before you go around blowing any heads off.


Stupid Florida.. :disappointed:

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its a new law giving people teh right to protect themselves and their families without worrying about going to jail for protecting themselves and/or their families. lets face it, these days we have to be able to protect ourselves. Its very stupid when you can go to jail for killing or shooting someone that was trying to kill you. i mean crying out loud. this law finally gives people a way to protect themselves from evil people without the worry of paying a price for protecting themselves. its about time.

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