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Guy's going to be a dad! - confirmed in Hello'!!!!!!


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Everyone's speculations were true! Guy's going to be a dad!!!! As reported in the latest issue of Hello Magazine, which was covering the Jezebell launch party. Great news! Congrats to them! (sorry if this has already been reported)


Was leafing though a copy of the magazine in my lunch break today and stumbled upon the great page of photos, including Joanna and Guy and Jonny and Chloe. Didn't read the small print with the photos at first so amost missed the lovely news! Here you go...



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Sorry girls, but that's the LAST nail in the coffin.



Congrats to both of them, that babies going to vomit beauty.


Oh Jonny.... :(


Why Oh Jonny with a sad face? He look cute! :)

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