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LOADS OF QUOTES, mainly by Chris: (some has maybe been posted before (and is in my sign hehe)


U2 makes me realize that I've still got a lot to learn.


It's all bollocks. What's wrong with being nice?!


We have a song called In My Place, and it was a cool song but it was just waiting to be Coldplay. Jonny just played a beautiful riff and it just made my life.


Everything's presented by something in America. We present ourselves, thanks a lot.


I'm sick of all this rubbish heavy music. It's noisy but tuneless. When Nirvana was around, they actually had melodies. At the Drive-In is one of the only good rock bands left.


I might die tomorrow, so I better get on and write a classic!


The rest of the band isn't here because...they're basically asleep.


This might be the cheesiest thing you've ever heard...but it might be nice!


1823--we've been a band for 116 years, that's why some people say we're richer.


I never really read anything about us that I agreed with or was true. Nobody has any idea really about the band because nobody says anything. We really should do...but we're saving it for our book.


You can't expect it. We thought we were good. But there's bands who we think are amazing. Success is nothing. Poeple are just good or not good. Look at the Flaming Lips or Grandaddy.


[about a "British Invasion"] It's such nonsense. People are banging on about missile defense systems. It's just one world. It just aggravates me, it annoys me. It's the way the whole world thinks. It's stupid. Everyone should just get along or we'll destry ourselves. British Invasions are rubbish! It's just one world! It annoys me!


i just got a laptop, I can't believe this little thing can do so much, it just makes the world seem so tiny.


The internet is just another forum.


The thing that makes me nervous is missiles and Saddam Hussein. The camera's just a piece of equipment.


We were ambitious little gits!


I'm into running and fruit, not drugs.


We have 14 minutes left and I have to play something? In that time, we could play Bohemian Rhapsody twice!


[after playing a song titled 'A Ghost'] I had to make up the second verse...The band will be fuming! They hate that song! I'm sorry for playing those songs.


[Trouble] is about the time that I accidentally shot Will in the shoulder, and he couldn't play tennis for a year! He was livid! No...


If we weren't doing well, we'd be just as stressed, because we wouldn't be doing well.


If we win, we love it. We'd be gutted if another band were to be named. Although we're nice and humble, we're also fiercely defensive of our quality.


[about interacting with the fans] It's not like, now I'm going to say that thing I planned in the sound check. It's just what happens, it's just our personalities! I just do whatever mood we're in. I often say something if we have a technical problem.


We've got lots of ideas...not sure how good they are, though. We play two new songs live, one's called "Why does it always snow on him" and one's "Deadwood"...the titles just popped into our heads.


We just want to get amazing songs and parts and melodies which is what we really concentrated on on Parachutes.


We're doing everything as if this record is our last, just like you should make the most of every day because it could be your last.


I'm going to sleep like a log. I'm going to France to resurrect our failing career.


We were just sat there one day and trying to sound like Neil Young, and Yellow came out.


Seriously, I'm being deadly serious, I just bought PJ Harvey's guitar, I'm trying to sound like her.


It would be pointless if we all jumped around while doing acoustic ballads.


[about Rammstein] In fact, he sings recipes from what I can work out. One of them is three eggs, one pint of milk...


I'd love to be a surfer, but I'm just rubbish. If I wasn't such a brilliant frontman of a brilliant band, I'd probably do this.


Mellow, that's our next single, a bit like Yellow only slower.


[about Parachutes] If it brings the world population up, that's a good thing.


At festivals, you're outside and you can't hear anything, so you forget that you're playing songs that you like.


Me and the drummer had a fight, but we went to our dressing room and listened to Sigur Rós, and we were friends again.


The thing about rumors is that most of them are not true.


[in Iceland] I know that it seems terribly cheesy to go to France and go, "oh yeah, I love French music"...I always think it's bullshit, but I'm not kidding. I swear, the Sigur Rós record has had such a big effect on my life.


I don't like to talk about bands I don't like, you know?


Nobody in Iceland knows that you can go surfing here.


Any problems that I have, they're just not significant. Recently I've been reading so much rubbish about our band, and I just want to say don't worry, because I now just say get over it, because I have the most amazing life and I put all my energy into writing music. Of course I get sad, but me complaining about having to sign autographs just sounds stupid. I'm in Iceland, and some of my friends are in factories.


[Jonny and Chris' first meeting] It was musical love at first sight.


Guy would come and we'd play in the bathroom or the stairs. For about 6 months that's all we did every night, play play play.


Any place is about the people. I don't care about a beautiful building filled with horrible people.


People say we've become more arrogant whereas I say we've just become more confident. Or they say Chris has no hair and we liked it better when he had long hair. It's strange.


It often seems that our hardcore fans are the ones that hate us the most.


There's so many people in the world who have so much talent, but they never find it.


The song Yellow is a source for me of constant confusion, I can't work out whether it's the best song in the world or the worst song in the world or somewhere in between, and it's about devotion. But the thing I can't figure out is the yellow bit. There was just like this word missing, and I saw the word yellow written down and it just worked. I still can't work out what it means. It's still something very genuine.


I began Trouble...I was sitting inside a big cupboard. I think it's about when you do something bad to someone and you don't understand why you've done it. It's the dark side.


Well shiver, I love that song. But I just think the recording is the worst recording ever because it doesn't do the song justice. It's about when you really like someone and they don't really like you. But I can't listen to it, it makes me really depressed. If I said that to the rest of the band, they'd shoot me. Shiver is the only song I know that's written about three girls, because it took so long to get written. Just about different girls that I thought didn't like me. I started singing about Natalie Imbruglia. She's very small, she's 2 foot high.


If there's one band who I take as a benchmark...it's U2. I'm such a little kid when it comes to them. I totally, totally love that band.


I forgot...we're not that famous, so no-one will know who we are.


We have people to do everything for us. In fact, we're not here.


We came in by helicopter just five minutes ago. No, Will and I turned up in a Ford Escort and they wouldn't let us in the car park! We couldn't park next to Posh's limo. We have got nothing. Will came in by bicycle and Guy is still on a donkey. He's still in London!


That's something we're still learning as a band...that you close a bar when you play.


Since the dawn of history there's been next big things and most of them are never a big thing.


I have extreme fear when people tell me that we're the next big thing because I think we're going to be forgotten about in two weeks.


There's not movement or trend or anything like that, it's as if we get together with all these different bands and go, "right, what will we call our movement?" I think people worry too much about that sort of thing, it's just a bunch of bands.


Comparisons we don't mind. We were always expecting them. It's flattering in a way, but at the same time we're not trying to emulate anyone except ourselves.


There's thousands of people who think we're terrible, but there's thousands of people who think Bob Dylan's terrible, but they should all be hospitalized.

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:lol: more, more, more!!


And I always crack up when I see Chris with 'Singer' written across his belly :lol: man I love this video to bits

what's that?! why havent i seen this?!


When he says, 'Why we need help?' look at his tummy :D

and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all these quotes!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I can't stop laughing. I think I'm gonna make an archive with all the best Chris Martin quotes :)

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These are some of my favs from Chris:


"It's ridiculous trying to have to break it down into media-friendly soundbites afterwards but we're buzzing like fireflies man. We've got to go and have a big party now. No words can express the joy of being in Coldplay. Let me just translate it by this sound: "wheeeeeeee......"


"We haven't done anything yet, you know? If I die tomorrow, I'd still have to be the one to be impressed to meet John Lennon in the afterlife, and I'd like it if we could meet on equal terms. And if I could say, 'You know, I'm in Coldplay,' and he said, 'Well, I'm in the Beatles,' and, you know, 'Let's have a drink.' And argue about who was the best. And that would be great."


"Like if George W. Bush and China put on some Coldplay and went, 'Let's be friends.' That would be nice."


"Yeah, I went to the set of The X-Files once,... then I upset one of the cast members, just because I was a little bit bored and there were no cookies left."

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i was just watching profile on coldplay on muchmusic, and i heard chris say the funniest thing, when asked somethin about the amount of people that buy the albums,

chris said (not exactly, but u know) he said, "as long as one person buys the album....... we don't care if its 30 million people or 10 million people, as long as its over 5 million people ... " hahahah ..... he honestly, kills me he is soo cute and funny!!!

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