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Chris - "...and Guy and Will were having a cigarette outside... - Each. They don't share anymore' date=' cos we've got more money."[/quote']HAHAHA!!! aaw that man is so funny... WHERE CAN I GET TO SEE IT AGAIN?!?!
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LOL !! that's so great! the j. lo i hilarious!


i just still love the pinapple one, can't remember them. and the one about fagging and i was like :shock: when i read it cos i got it all wrong

exactly! i didnt know how he was using fagging :lol: :lol:
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Guy: On days off we've found things that we like to do. I like to buy old records and find pawn shops and buy vintage stuff.

Will: That's P-A-W-N shops!!

Guy: Which is bad 'cos in America they pronounce it (cheesy American accent) 'pawn', so whenever I say to the concierge; 'excuse me are there any pawn shops near by?' they say 'EXCUSE ME?' shaking their finger at me


Not strictly a CP quote but I thought it was funny anyway:

Steve Lamacq: What's your biggest headache?

Jeff (CP Tour Manager): Chris Martin!!


Chris: Hello I'm Chris singer in the band Coldplay, welcome to the ticking of clocks, the losing of plots, the story of Coldplay in America, listen to how much we've turned into total wankers.Bye!

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I can't take my eyes off of it :o he looks so adorable LOL


Anyways a quote someone just sent me :D

Interviewer: "What's up with you two? Are you in love?"

Chris and Jonnny: "We are" (Chris leans over and kisses Jonny on the cheek)

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