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Chris and Jonny

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aaAAAHHH they're still as adorable as back in the days UGH   (also hello )

https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQbc2Bho0Ry/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link   Chris and Jonny just today finished up a short 15minute session in the studio. It just hit me... think they opene

If my friend called me fat, stoned and a sex god in front of a massive audience I just wouldn't know how to feel about that.

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I know this has been posted already but I just watched it again and I love this interview! They're so cute!!! :dazzled: And every time I watch it, when Chris says: "you promised us cake" I just melt :wacky: I'm like: "aaaw! You wanted some cake, let me get some for you sweetie :wacky: Stupid Jools give em some cake :angry:"


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Thank you, ragemac, for sharing this in last night's gig thread. Stunning!:D




hahahhahahhaha! look at the girl with the purple shirt..!! :laugh3: either she's trying to put a spell on Chris or she's got headache..:laugh3::laugh3:

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^ She's like "Let his pants rip,Let his pants rip,Let his pants rip, BZZZZZZ!!!" :lol:


But the guy on the left doing the fist pump is also rather amusing to watch :laugh3:

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^ Awww the last one :dazzled:


So... I come back after a very looong while, and we're on page 2000!!! Isn't it a sign? :awesome:




Thanks to Kimberly for sharing these from Houston. :)








I had a Chris and Jonny dream tonight :nod:


And it was all strange and cloudy and it involved a lot of pigeons :wtf:




it was.... cute nonetheless :awesome:


Okay so it started with a normal little Coldplay concert in a small hall and Chris was doing his usual weird dancing all around the stage. And then he suddenly stopped and grabbed his mic and announced to everyone with a total happy face: "Hey everybody, I hope everyone is having a great time!" and everybody cheered of course :awesome:

And then he continued "So I know you all know how much I like my best friend and best guitar player in the world? I freaking love him!" and then everybody awwwwd and cheered and so on. And then Jonny came from his corner and said "Yeah so we thought about what has been said about us, that we behave like married couple and so on, and we just went you know what? Let's just do this!' " and then the whole scene switched to a total different place... a coast somewhere with crappy wet weather lol (you know my dreams are always like films and oftentimes I'm not taking part in them :dozey:). And Chris and Jonny were walking along the coast dressed in dark overalls, except that Jonny was wearing a freaking bridal headwear :wtf: (looked like this:


) and they both were just talking about random stuff and their friendship. And then Chris said something like

"Well I really love how ... you know... close ... our friendship is" :charming:

And Jonny stopped his walking and looked angrily at him and asked "Wait, what do mean?":angry:

Chris: "Well uhh... I thought you love me too"

Jonny: "Well yeah as a friend. What are you talking about? We're just having a common friendship like best friends do. And that's it!":angry:

Chris: "Yeah, you're right..." <- and he actually made that face: :disappointed:


And then I was TOTALLY SAD because not even my freaking brain allows me to have nice pervy dreams once in a while, ARFGH. And Jonny wearing that freaking bridal stuff on his head didn't really help either while he was saying these mean things :dozey:


Oh yeah and then they just continued walking, Jonny looking angry and Chris looking absolutely devastated, and suddenly there was a giant cloud of pigeons around them and I woke up.








anyone wants to analyse this dream for me?




To see a pigeon in your dream suggests that you are taking the blame for the actions of others. Pigeons also represent gossip or news. Perhaps they carry a message from your unconscious. Alternatively, the dream may be expressing a desire to return home.




But I'll just stop at Jonny saying 'Let's do this!' and be happy,lol.




I love that photo in the spoiler too! :dazzled::wacky: And look, they're t-shirt buddies! :cheesy:


More from Atl.









Jonny is getting lower and lower to the ground :wideeyed:





I was re-watching this interview and at 6:21 I was "Awwwwww". Again.

Backstage Pass - Coldplay & KT Tunstall Part One.mov - YouTube


These aren't pretty like the ones above, but here's a couple for the moment that I took in Charlotte last night. I don't know if you can tell, but they definitely exchanged a cute look between them as he passed.






At the end of the concert when the lights came up and they began to take their walk of fame around the stage, Chris literally hugged Jonny from behind. I was videoing from my phone and the guy next to me knocked into me, and I missed that moment. If bad thoughts could hurt someone, that poor guy would be in so much trouble right now. :\






Happy National Buckin Overload Day,lol.





Just got back from an awesome show.. Anyway around the .12 mark...



hahahhahahhaha! look at the girl with the purple shirt..!! :laugh3: either she's trying to put a spell on Chris or she's got headache..:laugh3::laugh3:


^ She's like "Let his pants rip,Let his pants rip,Let his pants rip, BZZZZZZ!!!" :lol:


But the guy on the left doing the fist pump is also rather amusing to watch :laugh3:





All of the above^ is simply :awesome::dazzled::wacky::dead::drunk: .



Dunno if I explained myself enough well :D



And about this pic, which is simply GVISDFJSDKFNSJKD:




Shadows, you say? Well, I only trust white shadows.

Black ones just fool you. And black shadows are totally fooling us with this pic. :snobby:

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^Actually from the shadows there is no more that a 3cm gap between them...it's near enough for my imagination! :laugh3:




... can't they just kiss already?! I can't take this teasing any longer ._____.


THIS :nod:


Absolutely :nod:

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