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Which band should i get into next?


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Who should i attempt to get into next?








I have a few u2 albums and Rem's greatest hits. Should i keep going with those or get really into one of the other bands that i have only heard through a few songs on youtube?:thinking:

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REM have an extensive back catalogue (all the way back to 1981 if you count their EP Chronic Town). I highly recommend them. My first REM album was Document. And I'd also recommend Fables Of The Reconstruction (1985) even though the critics weren't fond of it.


I love all the bands you mentioned, so this was a hard choice. My second pick would be Travis for sure!

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check out girls and boys or parklife or there's no other way.....those songs are too cool


I love Blur, the singing is just so sweetly done, A little bit punky, a little bit smart, a little bit sad a little bit thrashing rock and a little bit of guitar brilliance.

About as reinventable throughout their career as Muse and Radiohead. Pick up Blur or The Great Escape to get started and work your way through them all. Great vocals, great guitar work from Graham Coxon (check out Blur s/t if you love great guitar work) or the earlier stuff (Park life/Modern life is rubbish) if you want to see quintesensial 90's life parodied with an eye for details)


I love Blur they just sound so different to anything else out there, more than any other bands you've listed here.


Songs to check out


Beetlebum (such a unique and explosive sound)

Country House (The biggest hit of their Britpop days)

Tender (6 minute gospel influenced ballad)

Bugman (Their noisiest and most fun thrasher)

Chemical world (Just a great pop song, of a band that made far too many)

Girls and Boys (The big universally brilliant dance anthem)

The universal (Star gazing almost Muselike anthem with a look to the future)













Travis to me are just a lesser Coldplay, I do enjoy them but thats all they are to me, a less bombastic, less brilliant Coldplay.


U2 is an aquired taste, definatly very talented and brilliant band but they've had some bad days and very few recommendable albums. Better off getting U218 over an album unless its The Joshua Tree or Auchtung baby.


REM, Never been a fan, their sound annoys me really the vocals dont suit the music.

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ALL OF THEM! :nice:


Why not? Unless you're the sort of person who has to get heavy-duty into one band at a time, it works. When I finally started finding music I liked I was working through 3 or 4 a day sometimes. But then I also have a very short attention span... so I need to switch around between things constantly...


Get Blur's 'best of' for sure. I got it last summer and listen to it all the time. Editors have the shortest discography, so you can figure them out and move on the fastest. Travis make a lot of funny videos- that's how I got into them-youtube. U2 and REM I'd say take it one album at a time- you'll appreciate them more that way than if you try to rush right through everything.

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Blur albums are very cheap on amazon's preowned section. In the UK at least I spent about £2 on average on each album.

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All good, but I voted for Editors because there is much less of a back catalogue, so you can concentrate on the individual tracks instead of a mass of music from the last two decades. Plus Editors are amazingly brilliant :D

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i'm not so sure about blur... some of the songs that i heard of thiers on youtube sound verry pop... i don't like that


Try Blur, 13 or Think Tank then. Or you could be like me, when I first got the best of I didn't like it much because it sounded too pop and cheesy but I kept coming back to it and now I love it.

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Go with REM


U2 are GOOD, but not GREAT - their greatest hits is as good as it gets because in MY OPINION their albums have very few GREAT songs. so a compilation your best bet there,


BLUR are very original for their time, very good and have a great sound.


EDITORS - most overrated band of the decade. bought their first album, MUNICH is one of about 3 decent songs and their second album is worse than that.


TRAVIS are very much like U2, some good songs, not great albums as whole's. I'd go for their first album "The Man Who"


yes, REM are one of those special bands.


and if you like music like this may I throw forward a suggestion of my own?


Colin Hay.


GREAT GREAT musician.

very talented.


I would also reccommend anything by "The Shins"


go nuts.


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U2 are GOOD, but not GREAT - their greatest hits is as good as it gets because in MY OPINION their albums have very few GREAT songs. so a compilation your best bet there,



Have you ever listened to the Joshua Tree? Or Achtung Baby?


Greatest hits are okay to start with, but some of their classic albums are the way to go.

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Colin hay as in the lead singer of men at work?



yes; yes yes!


His solo acoustic stuff is awe inspiring.


He's done alot of music for scrubs and had a song on garden state, and I love his stuff. There's a song called "I just don't think I'll ever get over you" - and it's AWESOME.


-- also in reply to briggins:


Yeah I've got both those albums.

There's no denying they are great albums, but there's maybe only half of the tracks on those albums that are amazing, there's a lot of filler material. Weaker songs that could have been better, that's what I was getting at. The songs that ARE amazing are out of this world. but I would have liked both of those albums to have every track be as good as the next one.

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