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The greatest song of all time thread


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damn, this is a really tough choice!


Welcome To The Machine, by Pink Floyd, a song about how the world works on money, or so Roger Waters thought. And it is very impressive musically, considering it was composed in 1975. The best synth ever on a song.




Where The Streets Have No Name, by U2. I love this song because it's an epic. It's about how there is a better place, where the streets have no name, and how we would do anything to get there. Sort of symbalism for how we all need something to believe in. Great guitar work by David Evans (The Edge), and vocals by Paul Hewson (Bono).

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I'll have to do a top five list...


in no particular order, because if it was in order, It'd be much easier to just post the #1 song...


"Painless" by David Mead

"Why Does it Always Rain on Me" by Travis

"The First, The Last, My Everything" by the late and great Barry White

"Overjoyed" by Stevie Wonder

"Yesterday" by the Beatles

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