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"Yes" has been released?

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Pardon me if this is a stupid question but has the new song "Yes" been out for a while? My friend claimed to hear on the radio but I did not believe her as I thought I have been keeping up with the album news, and was sure it wasn't out yet. Now I just got an e-mail from that same friend with a file attached saying it's "Yes", and it's a song I haven't heard before. It could be a b-side or something, but I am positive I have all Coldplays songs that exist. LOL.


Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.


- David

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Another person on the forum I regular says it's the real deal and he heard it this morning but wasn't sure either. This is exciting! Cool song


could that other friend be coldplayer34? :thinking:if that's the case we must believe this, because he's a very relyable person :P

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im pretty sure if it was released there would be some fanfare, an announcement, some word from coldplay or emi...but there wasn't so im guessing you have not heard "yes"



do you have a bigger version of your avatar picture??

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