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Coldplay will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live...


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Hey, you or somebody should definitely make a coldplay calender for the next few months!


you know, i think i just might :P


now i'll have to make it extra pretty though, and i was planning to just write it out...scanner ahoy!!


can't do it any longer than june, though, because i won't be around then :bigcry:


ian does have the three most upcoming coldplay events at the bottom of the main page...but a little nice presentation never hurt anyone ;)

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I am going Monday to the taping with 2 friends and have access to the greenroom so I hope I meet them. I think they are taping it Monday and it airs on Wednesday. Not sure how that works. I was gonna take pictures but I think cameras and cell phones arent allowed. I will tell you guys what happens!

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