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interesting thread JD


i suck at thos maps things and it took me a while to figure out where the buildings where :uhoh:


and plus that maps site didn't found my place in Spain at first :angry:


anyways here it goes:







^where i've been living in Portugal. (Students Hall).






^Where i live in Spain.


(you can see on the left side of the pic, the buildings are of a factory, liquor one, and they are moving to another place :dance: finally).


(i thought at first that it was not shown because it was a military area (those houses were for army and navy workers))

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Only my home for now:




The blue circle is where I live.


The red circles are where all the local chavs live. Their hobbies include scratching car windows with keys and throwing stones over our garden fence.


The yellow circle is where the grumpy old man lives, who complained to the council that our back garden took up too much of the pavement. He apparently owns the neighbourhood because he's lived there for 25 years. His hobbies include staring at us menacingly through his kitchen blinds whenever we get into our car.

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mine is not working !


it's because you've posted the link from map.live into image tags.


you need to print screen,


then paste into paint, then save the image, the upload it imageshack, or photobuket or something similar.


THEN post THAT code in IMG tags.



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Oh my... Jay, your house is AWESOME!


It's like something off the OC or something! :P


3200 square feet, baby! It's actually my mom's house. :P JD, your house reminds me of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Keeping Up Appearances" but that's because my exposure to the British landscape is quite limited. :D


One day I'll have this one:




BTW, Shaftell you must be mistaken. Canadians aren't allowed pools. :)

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It's shocking that i even was able to find my house :freak:


Well, here it is!




I have NO idea what that car is though.. our car was silver the last time i checked it and the others are a red van and a blue ford and that can't be either of those two.. Ah well.

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