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2009 Tour Dates - Gossip - Speculation - News


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I thought so... :) Cool! Milwaukee or Wisconsin here i come! I kid!


Play the Metro again! Or the Vic or the Riviera!


It would have been cool if they played a radio gig or music store session here while they were in Chicago... oh well! I guess Virgin Records doesn't exist anymore. :(

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that is what i am expecting to be honest,if they come again then that too philly,NY or NJ again or even washington DC it'll be easy for me to see them once again.


and my mind will be loads full of coldplay and chris:D

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I saw em on 7/18 in San Jose and I'm already experiencing withdrawals. I came to the conclusion that if logistics weren't a factor, I would pay $100 a day if every evening ended with a Coldplay concert

Me too Curtis, I haven't gotten it out of my system so I hope Icedude is right !!!

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I think April/May, and a quick blast to Coachella and other festivals. It won't be that extensive-like 20 or 30 dates, more 6-8!


noooo they need to be in the UK in April. I've not had a birthday concert since 2003 :D

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Help me-poor russian fan of the greatest band in the world!!!


Do you know anything about the Coldplay tour concerning Russia?Are they going to visit Moscow one day?I dream about seeing Chris alive!!)help me find information about any possibilities of seeing theband in Russia/thank you/:\

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