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What is the last thing that you have googled?


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here it comes a new silly game, reasons: i hadn't had opened a thread since long time ago so here it goes.


simply you have to say what is the last thing that you have googled, so i'll start.


after hearing on a tv-serie a word some weeks ago and after looking for info about the Jonas Brothers on IMDB (to get to know why they are so promoted now on tv and stuff) i got to end looking for some stuff on google images, what i had asked for was:

"purity ring"


:uhoh: interesting info about that movement and pretty jewelry i have to reckon.

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Piper Perabo's sexuality :P

I just Googled this too but I can't find a definite answer. Apparently she used to go out with Matthew Perry...


Before that, I Googled the Guggenheim Museum because there was a question about it on a TV quiz.

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