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Unkown Lyrics from VIVA Tour Program


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I got a tour program from the 2 concerts I went to in San Jose and Vegas from the Viva tour.Throughout the program lyrics are all over the pages written in paint.There is a full page with the picture of the boys where they are sitting on the couch.And on the sides of the 2 pages are blue paint with lyrics written in white paint.Most of the words are pretty clear but as you know Chris handwritting can be hard to read.I was wondering what song this could be.I know its not Glass of Water cause those lyrics are on the previous page and these lyrics dont seem to fit.Some of these dont seem to be the full sentence of lyrics as you can see in the first line.But heres what I could see.


On my body and you left me this hunger and...

And if youre...???

Still I love you so much that it hurts

By me/my millions of stars over the ocean by the....???

I swear heaven was...???


I really like these lyrics and wonder if this might be a song on Prospekts March.Anyway for anyone who has a program see if you can dechiper any of the other lyrics.Ill see if i can scan the page later or if anyone else has it that would be cool.What do you guys think??

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This was all i could get, I couldnt read anything off the first page. The Red parts are Bits that I think i can read, but dont realy make any sense. I grouped it into an order that makes more sense.


On My Body,

And You left me this Hunger and

And if Your Going is Go,

Words are Meaningless,

Still I Love you So much that it Hurts,

By the Millions of Stars over the Ocean,

By the warmest of everyone,

I swear heaven was ______ For Us,

So Much that it Hurts


Sounds Very Promisig, Dont know why, Probably cus i want to hear LIT2 so much, i've been trying to sing this along. Not working very well :laugh3:

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The lyrics are awesome! I guess it´s Prospekts March or Life in Technicolor:)


I thought it might be Prospekt's March/Poppyfields aswell...


Do you think the lyrics "I don't wanna lie on my own in a seperate sky"

and "heaven was definitely waiting for us" go together?

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