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You're all INSANE!


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...and I thank you immensely for that because it makes me feel slightly more sane in comparison with the lot of you! ;)


Seriously though, I had to start a thread to say hello because I saw this and got really excited and I knew you guys would understand:



(42 viewing! weeeEEeee!!!)


I had a similar reaction two nights ago when at Applebees with a friend and Speed of Sound came on. She laughed at me. :( But at least now I'm in good company--no one here will make fun of me for it! : D


Anyway, I'm a new fan as of... last November, I guess! I'm going to my first concert on the 13th in Kansas City. It's going to be on par with a religious pilgrimage, my obsession has become so great! The 7 hour drive will give me plenty of time to listen to all my CDs!


I'll be painting my own T-shirt for the concert (blue with white based on the Lost! cover)--I'll have to remember to post pictures. Also making a beaded necklace with a couple of fancy guitar picks I got off the eBay.


ciao all!

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