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When a review is 1/3 whining about things that have little to nothing to do with the thing being reviewed and blatantly has a problem with the idea that something could be "life affirming" I'm not inclined to care about the rest of the opinion.


Clearly this guy was in a snit when he wrote it.

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^^I agree. I hate reviews that use an album to rant on about something not related to the songs. Which VLV review was it that spent like 2 paragraphs dissing Bono? I don't care what he thinks about EPs. He's reviewing one, so he should live with it. :rolleyes:


That being said, what he actually says about the songs sounds like the usual negatives we hear about VLV/Coldplay in general. Too Brain Eno-y, lyrics are too inspiring (?) or not good enough, etc.


Eh, I don't know, I don't think I'll take this one to heart too much. It's hard to find a reviewer neutral about Coldplay, and it looks like we got stuck with an anti-Coldplay reviewer this time. *shrug*

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The review really does seem to care more about criticizing the idea of the release rather than how good the content of may or may not have been.


Like aw mann ANOTHER Neil Young album?!

What's that? It's good? Ok but AGAIN WITH AN ALBUM?!


Coldplay had just a few more songs than they desired to have on Viva la Vida, they are releasing a small EP for the fans. The same guy would have probably been going crazy if the original album was that many songs longer.


But yeah... 6 out of 10 is still a pass, so...

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The modern world, eh? Time was when you’d get an album, preceded and followed by a couple of singles, and that’d be that. Now, with labels desperately trying to figure out how to keep their clients’ wares afloat, you get ‘leaks’ (some deliberate, some not), streams, downloads, covermounted singles, bonus discs, download-only singles, singles, albums, special edition albums, albums and singles. ‘Prospekts March’ — billed as “an EP of eight previously unreleased tracks” — comes hot on the heels of a single release of ‘Lost!’ and will simultaneously be teamed with the album and released as ‘Viva La Vida Prospekts March Edition’. Cripes!


In truth, of the eight previously unreleased tracks, one is a not-massively-adventurous reshuffle (the Osaka Sun mix of ‘Lovers In Japan’), another a 48-second long incidental piano piece, another the version of ‘Lost!’ that features Jay-Z on autopilot (ie, still quite amazing) but is on the flip of the single. So they don’t count. The opener is ‘Life In Technicolor (ii)’, which takes ‘Viva…’’s opening almost-instrumental and adds a typically bombastic melody, plus a chorus whose words (“Now my feet won’t touch the ground!”) are reprised as the title of the stripped-down, acoustic guitar-led closing song. And in-between? Well, there’s a positively garagantuan, only slightly Eno-ified stadium filler entitled ‘Glass Of Water’, featuring such deep and meaningful musings as “Dream that you could see your future/Inside a glass of water/The ripples and the lines”; a vaguely dance-y, ever-so-vaguely funky “experimental” effort called ‘Rainy Day’; and the title track, which tries oh-so hard to be a bit, y’know, strange, before the inevitable arrival of synth strings (buoying a ‘Wish You Were Here’-aping line in the guise of, “We’re just two little figures in a soup bowl”) and the even more inevitable arrival of – you guessed it — a life-affirming™ chorus.


All of which is far more complicated than it needs to be, a hefty bout of smoke and mirrors ultimately intended to add some mystery to the Coldplay campaign and re-ignite interest in ‘Viva La Vida…’ which, at the time of going to press, is residing in the lower regions of the Top 40. Will it work? Is ‘Prospekts March’ a stroke of marketing/brand reigniting/whatever genius? Lord knows. But can someone do me a fucking favour and please figure out the best way to do all this shit, so we can get back to reviewing actual music rather than all these crazy little projects?!


Hamish MacBain


6 out of 10




I think a review where the author uses the tiny little word "fucking" can't be taken seriously! This is just nonprofessional! Oh - I forgot - It's from the NME... :rolleyes:

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So true! How long is it since the NME actually wrote good, serious music reviews. It's pretty much a music gossip magazine now. You go online and it's all tabloid gossip columns and weekly celeb spotting. I don't buy it anymore. I don't need to know if Any Winehouse and Lily Allen got wasted again or if so-and-so blogged about so-and-so... if I wanted to know that I'd buy the Daily Mail!


This 'journalist' just sounds like he's trying to be too 'cool'. He should just stick to reviewing the music and save his opinions about the industry for another section, not music reviews. And i agree about the swearing - just makes it all sound a bit pathetic. Very unprofessional.

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"But can someone do me a fucking favour and please figure out the best way to do all this shit, so we can get back to reviewing actual music rather than all these crazy little projects?! "





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