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Why women with Size 14 figures are happiest with life


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Why women with Size 14 figures are happiest with life


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:58 PM on 29th December 2008



A new study has revealed that size 14 women are the happiest with their life and looks.

Girls who wear the dress size rated their general happiness higher than any other with a quarter saying they were extremely happy.


More than 43 per cent of size 14 women also said they were as happy as they could be with their career, while almost a third say they couldn't be more content with their love life.





Happy to be curvy: Full-figured women such as Nigella Lawson (left) and Fern Britton are happiest with their life and looks, according to a new study


Second happiest, according to the research by Special K, are size 12 women, with almost three quarters saying they are completely satisfied with their friendships.


Forty-five per cent also enjoy a very successful career.

Size eight women came third in the happiness poll, of 3,000 women, closely followed by those who wear a size 16, and a size 10.

Last year actress Kate Winslet, believed to be a size 10 to 12, is an outspoken critic of Hollywood's "size zero" obsession, won a public apology and libel damages from a magazine which wrongly reported she had visited a diet doctor.


She said she hoped her success would show girls they did not need to be thin to find happiness.


Winslet, who has long battled against the trend for Hollywood actresses to be a size 6 to 8, said: 'I feel very strongly that "curves" are natural, womanly and real. I shall continue to hope that women are able to believe in themselves for who they are inside, and not feel under such incredible pressure to be unnaturally thin.


'I have always been, and shall continue to be, honest when it comes to body/weight issues. I don't want people to think I was a hypocrite and had suddenly gone and lost 30 pounds, which is something I would never do, and more importantly don't want to look like that.'

Enlarge article-1102572-02DBC237000005DC-307_224x587.jpg

Enlarge article-1102572-026AD9BB000005DC-161_224x587.jpg



Slim: Kate Winslet, believed to be a Size 10-12, loves her curves and has spoken out against the Hollywood fascination with super skinny stars, like Angelina Jolie


Nigella Lawson criticised the "great god of skinny" last year.


The TV chef who is thought to be a size 16, said: 'I do think that women who spend all their lives on a diet probably have a miserable sex life: if your body is the enemy, how can you relax and take pleasure? Everything is about control, rather than relaxing, about holding everything in.'


She added: I associate thinness with dying. My mother had real eating issues. When she had cancer, she said, "This is the first time I have eaten without worrying," and that is chilling. Something clicked, and I vowed never to say, "I am not allowed that."'


Angelina Jolie, who has been criticised for being too thin, said: 'It's not something I want to be, and, well, I don't go around saying to other people, "God, you're fat," you know?'


But those who wear a size 24 or above did not fare quite so well, with a staggering 18 per cent admitting they are extremely unhappy with their life.

Less than four per cent are happy with their career, while more than one in ten admitted they were extremely unhappy when it comes to their love life.


Size 20 women were second in the list of unhappiest clothes sizes followed by those who wear a size 22.


But researchers discovered that it's not just plus-size women who are unhappy, as tiny size six girls came fourth, with size 18 women at number five.


The poll also revealed that a staggering 48 per cent of all women aren't happy with their weight.


More than two thirds also said they were not their ideal clothes size, with the average woman wishing they could wear a perfect ten.

A spokeswoman for Special K said: 'It's great to discover that being a size zero doesn't necessarily bring you happiness. Our research shows that the curvier size 14 woman is much more comfortable with their shape and has a happier outlook on life.'

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How could I possible disagree with such a scientific study... sponsored by a diet cereal.


I look forward to reading about Clarks findings on mens happiness in relation to their shoe size.


I'm sure the "newspaper" will be only to happy to keep us informed on that one

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I suspect sexual attraction works similarly for both sexes, it's just women that try to complicate things and obsess over their own bodies to the point they blame it all on men.


My theory:


In your teens, regardless of whether you're a guy or a girl, you're attracted to stereotypical ideals of male/female bodies. That means Ken and Barbie dolls with big dicks and big breasts.


Then as you get older, you begin to refine your tastes a little and start to notice people who aren't "traditionally sexy". But you're still generally looking for someone who's healthy and has a symmetrical face.


While women criticize men for being superficial or interested in studies like these, I've got news for them: ladies, your obsession with unrealistic romantic stories like those found in Hollywood movies such as "Twilight" is probably more harmful in the long run.

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kate winslet is beautiful. She has a nice shape to her.


But people are all shaped differently. I have friends who are naturally thin, and they arent unhappy because of their size.


And redgirl, good point. Im naturally the "perfect" 10 according to this article, but sometimes my size changes. Im happy with who I am, but not because of my size.


And saffire.. women do obsess over there bodies waaaay to much. Alot of the times women compare themselves to the shapes of other women.

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... we don't use that thing here i mean i dunno what's the correspondance to size 12 and all that. :thinking:


and i don't care about it... but i know a lot of girls and woman do mainly because they give to much importance to what other people think and so what the media tell them to think and have as an ideal to follow.


that's so bad 'cause girls use to worry about that when they are 12 or 14 years old (at times even younger) and is when they use to be fat, and that is a biological thing as the body needs to get a lot of energy to can be able to do the change it will do in few years, then after that age girls use to be slimmer and even taller.


is so sad at times how some girls and guys end for following those things and for giving s much attention about it.


i mean people should care about that for healthy reasons not for fashion.

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lil miss stratocaster i have the same problem many times :angry:

is their fault but they make me feel bad at times you know what i mean.


thankies sally :hug:

i see... so 12 is 40 here... uff that's a hard one to find, i mean it has been said and that is true, that most shops have 8 size (36) or even less.


that's why we had that new rule for the fashion week in madrid, they measure the models, their height and weight if they aren't on the healthy way they don't go to that event.

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I hate it when people think if you're small that you never eat and force yourself to be small that and if you find some clothes you really like and the smallest size they have in stock is an 8:veryangry2: is the only think that makes me unhappy.


As a skinny guy, I totally agree! The only store that sells clothes that fit me really well is Banana Republic. All the department stores that sell cheap clothing cater to plus-size people.


Maybe it's only that way in America, particularly in the south. But skinny people are a minority here.

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As a skinny guy, I totally agree! The only store that sells clothes that fit me really well is Banana Republic. All the department stores that sell cheap clothing cater to plus-size people.


Maybe it's only that way in America, particularly in the south. But skinny people are a minority here.


I have the same problem, most my clothes are kids but I'm finding some nicer clothes from brands like Banana Republic and J Crew have extra smalls.

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Well, I can't believe I'm agreeing with anything the Daily Male (:rolleyes:) says, but as a happy, relatively healthy, and surprisingly skinny size 12/13/14-ish, I have to agree with that.


Why? Because people who eat what they want (in moderation) like full-fat ice cream and don't worry about weight are going to be happier since fat makes your brain produce it's happy chemicals. Plus, eating real food properly makes you feel full faster, so your weight balances out since you're eating less but feeling more content about it.


If you eat healthy and stay active what does size matter anyway? They're arbitrary guidelines set up by stores and labels, and they're slightly different everywhere. I have a friend who is a literal size 0 but she comes by it naturally. She's just tiny- barely more than 5 feet tall with an incredible metabolism. I'm quite tall- 5'8". I could go completely anorexic and never make it below a size 6 or so because I'm just built big. I'd probably have to have ribs removed to get anywhere near the "ideal". And yet this stupid size obsession judges me and my friend on the same scale.


It's madness I tells ya! :mad:

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