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16-Jul-09: Wireless Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews, Setlists, Pho


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I like them crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside :D



Just so I'm not spamming...


alexahann the band before coldplay sounds pretty good...i just wish the lead mike wasn't drowning out the rest of the band.


etrainbass Opening band not quite to my liking. Who are they? #coldplay


I HAD to post conflicting tweets :P

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Ohh that's right!! :dunce:

I've got no idea who they are :confused:



Friedlt: Waiting for Coldplay with @erdeblieck and a bunch of NTD ladies. http://twitpic.com/alui4


If that's the pit, this is a very small venue :thinking:




Second opening act on :nice:

alexahann: and the band after the first band before Coldplay sounds awesomer...mike problem fixed!


BRB, gonna go grab some dinner :D

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At Sleep Train, which was two days ago, they started at nine and went to eleven, with an encore (L.I.T. II and The Scientist). How is the weather in San Diego? Hot?

Yeah, that sounds about right. :thinking: I imagine it's pretty hot there, just because it's San Diego. :P

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It should be pretty hot in SD, but I think I read some tweet saying that it was getting cooler, so who knows :shrug:



Hehehe, just a few more minutes!!



Grandma!! :P



This means it's about to start :D


dariane: Done volunteering for Oxfam. Now to watch Coldplay perform! #fb

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How do people NOT understand that Coldplay always plays U2, Jay-Z, and the the Blue Danube right before they come on stage?! That should be common knowledge :rolleyes: :P Hahaha remember at Hershey when we freaked out when Magnificent came on and the people around us just thought we were insane? :lol: That was the best :wacky:

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