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Coldplay In Your Life Soundtrack


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If you could pick five Coldplay songs for your life soundtrack, what would they be?


If you feel like giving a reason for each song you can, if you don't feel like it you don't have to.


If you have less than five that's fine too, I just figured we should put a cap on it because I mean...we're Coldplayers, so Coldplay clearly hits a chord with us.

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The songs do not describe my whole life, but they fit well into my current situation. I think that's one of the reasons I love their music just for a short time although I've known Coldplay for years:


-Trouble - lyrics speak for itself

-Lost! - "

-Shiver - was just a very short and rather inconsiderable situation in my life but the song turned the perspective for me and I could also look on the other side

-Square one - in the way I interpret it for myself

-Lovers in japan - lyrics speak for itself

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The Scientist <- Lyrics speak for itself

Everything's Not Lost <- Sometimes I feel a little sad and this song always cheers me up somehow.

Til Kingdom Come <- Dedicated to my best friend. He knows I'll always wait for him if I needs me for anything.

Trouble <- Lyrics also speak for itself

Fix You <- Same as above


I just love that Coldplay has so many sorts of music. There's a song for every mood that you are in :)

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Good idea for a thread :). Let's see...in order of importance:


1. Fix You: I know exactly what it's like to want to make things better for someone when they're struggling. And on the flip side, all the situations/feelings in this song have been part of my life of late in so many ways. This song always, always makes me cry, but it's very comforting as well-it's like a big musical hug from a friend, if that makes sense.

2. Paradise: Pretty much sums me up. Wanting to just escape into a happier, better world, and since I can't do that literally right now, like the girl in the song, I dream of it. It's sad, yet hopeful.

3. Politik: Can definitely relate to the mindset expressed in the song, especially the "give me love over this" deal.

4. The Scientist: Because it's my favorite song, it's the one that really clenched my interest in the band, and I think it's a very honest song about love and relationships as well.

5. Talk: Makes me think of my dad. He always liked this song. And again, I relate to the lyrics quite well, too.

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1) Amsterdam - This song got me through a very dark place in my life. The song is sad but also hopeful.


2) Shiver - This is my favorite Coldplay song. I can relate to the lyrics so much.


3) Everything's Not Lost - This song just gives me hope when I am feeling sad


4) Speed of Sound - This is one of my favorite songs... I can relate to a lot of the lyrics. I discovered Coldplay right before X&Y came out so it holds a special place in my heart


5) Things I Don't Understand - the lyrics speak for itself

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Clocks (& Crests of Waves, if I might add) - Completely changed my life... Play it at any time, any where, and I will feel better.

Don't Panic - The title says it all

Lost! - I relate to the lyrics...

Square One- Lyrics...

White Shadows - Ditto


Runner Ups:

A Rush of Blood to the Head

No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground

Speed of Sound

Viva la Vida

Things I Don't Understand

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Trouble- First song I ever heard by them

The Scientist- Got me through the ups and downs of the start of my relationship with my husband

Fix You- Got me through the hardest time of my life(loosing my aunt to cancer)

Lost- A great anthem to sing to all the people in my life that tried to bring me down

Swallowed in The Sea- My go-to song when I feel like crap


There are so many more songs I would love to add to this, but I will play by the rules and pick only 5. :D

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I have so many CP songs that means a lot for me, and that I can relate to..


Viva la vida for good times, and it was the song that made me fan.

Such a rush for sad times

X&Y (The song and the album) was a big help before a big surgery some years ago.

Talk was probably the first song I heard by them. (Back in 05)

Fix You was the song that convinced my mom to let me go see them live.

Shiver made me love the band even more.


(Yes, I had to pick 6! :laugh3:)

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