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Uhm...hi. :D


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Hey, everyone. My name's Diana, and I was gonna make this thread earlier, but 99.9% of the time I'm on a forum, people ignore me and flame me...but since you guys are Coldplay fans, you must be the awesomest people in the world, so I thought I'd give it a shot. :smug:

I'm pretty new to Coldplay, only been a fan for about 6 months, so I don't know too much. But I have no life :D, so you know, why not!

In conclusion...Hello everyone!

And I'll try to get back at you, but I'm grounded and I'm not supposed to be on here. Naughty me. :laugh3:

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Hey Diana and WELCOME to our wonderful world of COLDPLAYING!!!! :D


and btw. who really does have a life here? :sneaky: :whistle: lalalalala... *joking aside*


BTW. I like your sig!!! The gif is awesome! :D:D

Aww, thanks! :P

Hello everyone! :)

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Hello Princess Diana.:) Sneak on when you can, and enjoy the banter!;)

Haha princess? thanks i guess! I'm loving this site, and I told my friend I'd text her at 8:30. It's 10 right now. :laugh3:

Gotta get some sleep. :snore: See ya'll tomorrow!~

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Haha I wish...but today I'm only in school for 4 hours, and then it's the weekend so :D


Hehe, thanks! I love the name Giada! I love your signature.

Yeah I think my friends had enough of my obsession. Yesterday I was gonna talk to my best friend and she said 'Wait! Don't get me into the routine. Blah blah blah...Chris Martin is hot, blah blah...Coldplay is awesome, blah blah blah blah..."

Oh well. How can you not love Chris?

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