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Fancy being apart of something massive?

Gary Bradley

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This is Prospekts PLC


An open message to the fans of Coldplay


Today, on the number 1 fan-site for Coldplay fans, I am pleased to announce that the management team behind worldwide best-selling band Coldplay will form a new company, by the name of Prospekts PLC. This new company will allow for better control of the Coldplay Brand and in the long-term will allow the company to buy the rights for the back catalogue from EMI records.


The management and band will formally announce the new company at a press conference held on the 3rd April in the Bakery, and will formally handover the documents to Companies House.


80% of the shares will be purchased by the management team, with the other 20%, being offered to the fans of the band. The nominal price is set at £1 a share with at least 50,000 ordinary shares available to purchase. The cost and availability of preference shares are still to be confirmed; however they are likely to be of the same price.


Benefits for shareholders include exclusive discounts on shop sales, exclusive access to pre-sales on all concert tickets, invitations to the annual general meeting and lots more. The additional benefit for fans lucky enough to secure ordinary shares is that there is a possibility of an annual dividend and you get voting rights.


To apply for a prospectus for Prospekts PLC, send an email to [email protected] with your name and a copy of the PDF document will be forwarded onto you to read and decide how many shares you wish to purchase in this exciting new company.


Any questions please send to the above email address where either I or other members of the interim staff will reply to you.


I hope to see you on Friday at the formal announcement which is planned to be broadcasted on the web.


Gary Bradley

Interim Chairman

Prospekts PLC

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i sent one in congradulating the poster on a great april fools day joke and put myself out there and said if it is true, bring it on! I noticed that the email had the word "pets" in it so i asked them if they could invest in saving the kittens and tour latin america :P


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