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bye, bye zach braff :(

mrs. chris martin

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tomorrow is the season finale of scrubs, & it's zach braff's last episode :( NO MORE JD!! i'm so depressed! i can't believe. if they don't cancel it, i know it's gonna get reeeeeeaaaaaaaally stupid. anyways, we're also gonna learn the janitor's name, which i'm guessing is josh.

my top 5 favorite tv shows:

1. the simpsons

2. family guy

3. south park

4. scrubs

5. tie b/w american dad, king of the hill, & futurama


king of the hill & scrubs being cancelled in the same year! WTF! (well, technically scrubs isn't getting cancelled, but it's gonna get ar-tarded.) anyways, i just needed to vent b/c i'm ultra pissed

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I've never watched either GA or House... Gossip Girl is always on monday nights and I'm too lazy to search for re runs... ScRuBs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry2: Zach Braff is like the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hahah YUS :pleased: everyone knows its true.................


:) I only started watching Grey's about a month or so ago, I've ploughed through the episodes about 8 an day, halfway through season 3.

SO glad Meredith didn't choose Flynn, I mean he was nice & chris O'donnell is a good looking guy, but McDreamy is McDreamy! :P


Yeah, but I like to watch it a few times, on my ipod touch!!


Relive the goodness


And a Braff-Directed ep? wow!


Braff has directed about 12 episodes. lol

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NOOOOOOOO! :bigcry: :bigcry:

Now I have to stick to watching re-re-re-re-reruns of George Lopez.

Wait, they have an all-night marathon now! Why do they show the same 3 episodes over and over for 5 years?

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oh my god, everybody's lack of knowledge on the matter is infuriating! lol


Scrubs is ending FOREVER because Zach Braff doesn't want to do it anymore and they can't make the seires without him.


Bill Lawrence has said in a million interviews that they're talking with ABC to bring it back

but it will be a different show, not the same show without Jd, and not a spin off.

it's more than likely that Dr. Cox, Turk and Carla will make an appearences and Jd himself maybe appear in a maximum of three episodes as cameo's. but even that is debatable because braff is finished with scrubs. He wants to go on to do new things which is fair enough.


rest assured if the show does come back on ABC it will be a new format with new characters and will be amazing










goddd, where's chris when I need him!

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