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Chris on DC101


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It's old news now, but on Wednesday morning Chris

did a phone-in on radio station DC101.



5-20coldplay.jpgChris Martin of Coldplay gave us a call,

intending to talk about Thursday’s show at

Nissan Pavilion, but ended up also chatting

about everything from plagiarism to the new

music doc ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil'.




SCOOP: Chris mentions Moses by name without

anyone even asking about his kids and hints about

coming to South America!:stunned::shocked2:


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YAYYY LORE! :dance: :dance:


I can't believe Chris was on my local station and I missed it *scratches head* :confused: Anywayyyy, when he said "my son....Moses....", I was so surprised that I had to play it over! :P that's gotta be a first!

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Perez is pathetc man.


I can't stand that guy.


I turn to TMZ.com... the TV show for my celebrity fix.


ha ha that show... sad it comes on at like 1 am here ... too tired. perez's site is addicting even though i hate what he says about coldplay and chris... it's like why so much hate on him!?

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