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I have ideas starting at 11:00 pm on Saturday nights. :thinking: They continue until I decide to go to sleep. Unusually they don't come most other nights because I have the pressure of having to get up at around 6:00 the next morning in the back of my mind most of those nights.

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The twilight zone is the worst for me (when you laying in bed, with the lights off trying to get to sleep, just as your body is sleeping but your mind is awake, before you enter deep-sleep), when you get ideas for something you needed to do on that day.

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I get my best ideas for anything and everything while in the shower.

And then when I'm out of the shower, I forget them all. :lol:


All my great ideas happen while i'm in the shower too!! and also late at night.

If I get an idea through the night, I always just scribble it on my hand with a pen.

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