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Will and the accordion


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Will said he was learning to play the accordion.It think that's pretty cool.The Arcade Fire use it quite a lot in their song.Wonder if Coldplay's gonna use it!


+1 and Will is a huge fan of Arcade fire!!!


As a french, it's make me happy to see him trying the accordéon ^^

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Haha Marie your thread was premonitory congrats ! :P

Cute !


I know!Crazy :D

And yeah, Will loves Arcade Fire (I love then as them. They're from my current hometown) so maybe that's why he is learning to play it.There s this band called Beirut.They use one as well

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I heard quite a few Russian songs using accordions when I was young - very impressive. I hope there would be new instruments experimented by the band. I like small/non-main stream instruments a lot, in Folk or traditional songs with local/historical influences.

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