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R.I.P. Michael Jackson


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He should be remembered how he was at his peak, not as the sideshow act he had become in recent years.

He was obviously destined never to make that long-awaited comeback. Sad news indeed.;)

There has probably never been a more talented child star. In those early years with the Jackson 5, he was phenomenal.

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Just heard a minute ago. Absolutely shocking. No artist has even come close to the widespread popularity he attained. And despite the sad stories of abuse and psychological problems hanging in the background he was an extremely talented singer as a child and an adult.

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there's so much i want to say right now but i think i'll just keep at this.......he was and will always remain the greatest entertainer of all time.


i'm really happy at the response this has received. people should remember for the great things he did. everyone makes mistakes and does bad things, he was only human. his death is a terrible reminder of that fact.

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I used to be an extraordinarily big fan of his, it did become mentally quite hard to be a fan of his as I got a lot of shit for it, so did try to back off on my fandom after a while. I always respected the man though and loved his music.


He started the charitable musician thing. He was a pioneer in music in so many ways. He was truly remarkable.


I used to have nightmares about him dying, then I'd wake up reassure myself that he wasn't nearly old enough to have health issues. I never thought that in just a few years time I'd be sitting at home watching CNN report on his passing. Heartbreaking. I allowed myself to cry after seeing footage of him perform in the jackson 5.


Hopefully no one feels the need to turn this into an MJ-hate thread. The man and the fans have gotten enough disrespect over the years. Think about how you might feel if Chris Martin passed suddenly, and allow us to grieve a little.

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