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Hi from belgium!


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Hey :)


I'm Niki, 29 years old and I'm from Belgium.

Although I own all their albums, I saw Coldplay live for the first time in Werchter this weekend and I was blown away by their performance.

I heard of this forum via a friend of mine who's been a member for a while (the same friend who actually took me to the festival to see the band) and when I noticed on YT some of you had posted links to my vids, I thought I would join this forum to share these and my newborn love for Coldplay with you guys.

Looking forward to getting to know you more!


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Hey !!!! I knew you would come here!!!! lol I'm so happy you enjoyed the gig since I took you with me at the last minute in replacement of Sylvie....


So you've been an extraordinary gig companion, thank you for that and welcome here!!!

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